Linux 5.10.10 released: fix null pointer


On January 23, Linux kernel officially released version 5.10.10.This update contains 43 patches, mainly for some bug repair work, to improve the stability

The update log is as follows:

Add driver for cadence SPI controller

Fixed client driver corruption when using GPIO descriptors

Fix TID stuck due to wrong update Qid

When the DSA master is unbound, all switches are unbound from the tree

Inspection__ ieee80211_ schedule_ Is the ATF in tXq disabled

Discontinuous DSI clocks are allowed

Null pointer check to fix errors

Will__ napi_ Schedule() is used for preempt_ RT

Fix rxrpc_ Processing of unsupported token type in read()

Fix CLK error handling

Fix taprio plan configuration

Fix potential null pointer dereference

In some cases, read should be used_ Once() reads the call state

Avoid unnecessary Kmap_ Atomic call

It is oid_ GEN_ PHYSICAL_ Medium requests to set the appropriate input size

Remove asym_ Pause support

Increase the critical threshold of ASIC hot area

Fix TIPC_ link_ Null dereference in xmit()

Verify GSO SKB before completing IPv6 processing

Fix MSI / msi-x interrupt

Detailed log:Click here to view

We previously reported that Linux will soon add support for NVIDIA RTX 30 series graphics cards in version 5.11,On January 25, the beta version was updated to 5.11-rc5. Although it supports RTX 30 series graphics card, it does not support advanced functions such as 3D acceleration and light tracing. Stable version of Linux 5.11 will be released in February this year.

The above is the summary of Linux 5.10.10 update. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developer.

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