Links to java learning materials (for personal use, to be continued)


1、 Basic knowledge

  1. Open source project covering all knowledge points of Java backend (5.8k star)
  2. Advanced Java Tutorial
  3. The contents of the project include: basic knowledge of Java, underlying principles, detailed explanation of algorithms, real interview questions of large factories, etc
  4. Advanced knowledge of Java full stack development
  5. A series of advanced tutorials from Java to MySQL
  6. Graphic design pattern
  7. Spring source code analysis
  8. Spring boot related materials and tutorials. In the future, learn spring boot and view this website first
  9. Lei Fengyang video and note address

    (1) Documentation:

    • Understand the principle of automatic configuration · language bird
    • Video notes

    (2) Video:

    • Lei Fengyang 2021 springboot2 zero foundation entry springboot full set (spring boot2)_ Beep beep beep_ bilibili

2、 Project practice

  1. A modern community (forum / Q & A / BBS / social network / blog) system platform implemented in Java. A modern community (forum/Q&A/BBS/SNS/blog) system platform implemented in Java.