Libp2p RS version 0.2.1 & 0.2.2 introduction


V0.2.1 was released on 1.26, adding support for async STD and Tokio libraries.

0.2.2 was released on 3.1. Most of the problems in this version are found during the migration of trust IPFs. At present, the migration has been completed. The project address is… , the main update is to upgrade and optimize the existing API and code structure.

newly added


Async STD and Tokio are supported. The two runtimes are encapsulated and used through feature specification. The current default is async STD



Implement trait protocolimpl, including two methods: handler () returns iprotocolhandler, which can be used by swarm to construct protocol handler; Start () will consume itself and start a loop to process the relevant information of the protocol.


  1. Wrap the message with arc to avoid multiple clones in multiple subscribers.
  2. Optimize more. Await in the code and move it to a separate task to execute relevant logic


  1. Multiple nodes can be passed in during bootstrap, and you can choose whether to wait for the message of successful node connection to return.
  2. Add the unprovide () method to support the removal of local provider information.

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