Libp2p RS v0.2.0 release


After more than two months of development, we are pleased to announce that:libp2p-rsV0.2.0 released!!!

In v0.2.0, kad DHT is mainly added, which means that libp2p RS has implemented routing host, and users can find nodes, providers and values in the network through kad DHT.

In order to better support kad DHT and give full play to the performance of libp2p RS nodes, we have carried out a lot of optimization on swarm and TCP transport modules.

newly added


1. Introduce beta value as the end condition of iterative query;
2. Iterative query timeout mechanism;
3. Refresh the routing table regularly;
4. Keep the expired nodes alive in the routing table;
5. Handle the events generated by identify protocol and the change of local listening address;
6. Reuse of outbound subflow;
7. Iteratively query the historical operation status statistics;
8, can debug shell command.


floodsub: it supports a topic in the publish subscribe network and is in the experimental stage.
mdns: support the automatic discovery of nodes in LAN, is in the experimental stage.



newly added:
1. Asynchronous upgrade of stack connection;
2. Support parallel dialing;
3. Protocol handler notification mechanism;
4. Local monitoring address change notification mechanism;
5. Operation state measurement.

1. Improve PeerStore;
2. Improve the identity protocol;
3. Fix some bugs.


tcp transport: add monitoring address change notification.
cli: integrate a debuggable interactivecliIt can be used to observe the operation of swarm and kad in real time, and can also operate kad manually.
Prometheus: add Prometheus exporter and info web server.
copyright: improve MIT license information.


The netwarps team will continue to develop and maintain libp2p rs. our short-term plan is to support Tokio runtime. All friends who are interested in libp2p are welcome to submit PR and issue to jointly improve libp2p rs.

Netwarps is composed of domestic senior cloud computing and distributed technology development team, which has rich experience in finance, power, communication and Internet industries. At present, netwarps has set up R & D centers in Shenzhen and Beijing, with a team size of 30 +, most of which are technicians with more than 10 years of development experience, respectively from the Internet, finance, cloud computing, blockchain, scientific research institutions and other professional fields.
Netwarps focuses on the R & D and application of secure storage technology products. Its main products are decentralized file system (DFS) and decentralized computing platform (DCP). It is committed to providing distributed storage and distributed computing platform based on decentralized network technology. With the technical characteristics of high availability, low power consumption and low network, netwarps is suitable for the Internet of things Industrial Internet, etc.
Official account: Netwarps

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