Liang Xu was arranged by a million big V, and took a picture with Miss Beauty


Hello, I’m Liang Xu.

Many people asked me, “Liang Xu,What time did you spend so much time and energy on writing the official account from the media?

In fact, the reason is very simple. I want to do a sideline job. If I really lose my job when I’m 35, I have at least another income. I won’t see you on the roof.

But after I really went deep into the we media, I found that I not only achieved my goal of making a little money at the beginning, but also greatly expanded my contacts, greatly enriched my horizons and broadened my horizons. And these things are beyond the measure of money.

At the end of last week, I think a lot of friends were swept by the picture below. That’s right. I went to the party to see the boss again~

You’re right. Please pay attention to my words. I’m going to see the boss again. I don’t write frequently in official account, but I often get photos in my circle of friends. Every time I see a big guy, I send out a circle of friends to install X.

It was a small-scale party before, but the scale and personnel of this time are very luxurious lineups. Look at the name of the official account in the photo. You must be more or less concerned about the numbers in it, and you may recognize some of them.

I sent this photo to my readers and circle of friends. Many people’s first reaction is that I wipe, you still have hair

Of course, the general response of the flood is that I wipe, and there is a girl There is a sister Sister

How can you all be like me

This little sister, currently working in Shangtang technology, a unicorn enterprise in North China, is really a talented woman with strength and talent~

According to her own words, she was influenced by me to enter the field of we media

At this time, I,

Should it be

Do you want to hear it?

Of course, here we would like to highlight the three organizers of this gathering: brother Yong, great Xia and brother Tao.

Yongge, a python enthusiast community owner with 60 W fans, is the largest Python player in the field. He was born as a programmer. He started his own business and became a boss. Moreover, he had great influence in our circle. However, he did not have any airs. He got along with us every day. I am very grateful to brave brother. He has given me many help during my official account for more than two years. He also flew me several times. He also took me to see many big guys. It is a very important person on my way to grow up.

Great Xia, monkey hero, my surname is Wang, and his nickname is boss Qian. He has been on the same journey for 10 years. He has been promoted from a small. Net Engineer at the grass-roots level to a senior manager of the company. He once led a team of 800 people. For his dream, he gave up a million annual salary and set up a company of his own. Of course, there is no way to finish his legend here. In a word: Daniel! However, such a big bull does not have any airs. He shares his own ways of making money and seeing how others make money. At the same time, he also takes us to eat and eat, for fear that we will lose a few more hairs

Brother brother, official account of Python, freelance occupation, running many public numbers, and having many beautiful assistant. Full of sound and colour, he is now in official account with me. But he is now ashamed of his official account, knowledge planet and video number. He came to Suzhou by train one day ahead of schedule in Chengdu. He arranged the itinerary and accommodation of the party together with the great Xia Yongge. He also ate, drank and had fun. It is estimated that the inventory on his forehead will be less after he goes back

You’d like to know, what did you do at the party these two days?

In short, there are three words: share, browse and eat.


The most important purpose of my trip is to listen to the big guys. After all, the outside world is very big, so we should not build our own cars behind closed doors. We should go out and have a look, learn more about other people’s playing methods and learn more about making money.

The scene of big brother’s sharing is basically as follows:

Is it like C pin?

Do you have to add an adjective? Does that look like a premium C-PIN?

Here’s how big guys share

Or something like this:

There are also such things as:

All of you have 18 kinds of martial arts skills, and each shows his or her magic power. All of them share their own methods and routines with you.

Official account for official account has been known for many years. I feel that I know many public numbers. But in front of these big men, I feel that these routines I know are insignificant skill in their eyes.

The same video, how to shoot the audience love to watch? How to start the title, you have the desire to click? How can we get more traffic on the cover? They are all learned.

Besides, we only know that we can earn money by playing the official account, but there are still many ways to make money. Do you know? For heroes, after playing SEO for years, a website can stabilize ten thousand or twenty thousand of the monthly income and create a public official account. Every day it is four thousand or five thousand.

For office workers, it’s good to be able to earn 20W a year, but for big men, it’s less than 20W a month

Do you think the local tyrants have mines at home? In fact, there is a family in the mine.

The more you know, the more you don’t know

Oh, no more. Move the bricks


Even if you have never been to Suzhou, you must have heard a saying:

There is paradise on the top and Suzhou and Hangzhou on the bottom.

The scenery of Suzhou is really very good. The city’s greening rate is very high, the mountains and rivers are beautiful, and there are not many cars on the roads. It is a sharp contrast with the congested Guangzhou.

The great Xia took us to Jinji Lake, and the business circle around it is the most prosperous business circle in Suzhou.

Standing by the lake, the water is sparkling and the wind is caressing your face. It’s really comfortable.

The great Xia points to a row of villas in the distance: Well, it’s only 6000 units

For a moment, I feel that the whole person is not good


It’s a pity that I can’t eat a lot of food recently, but it’s a pity that I can’t eat a lot of food recently.

Pat, pat

As a large-scale foundation site, how can we have less shooting?

In order to take photos, I specially carried my beloved SLR all the way from Guangzhou to Suzhou.

And then clap all the way~~

Here are some reports from the front:


As the saying goes, it’s better to talk online a thousand times than to meet offline.

More than 30 of these big guys, many of whom have been online acquaintances for a long time, but it is the first time to meet. Nevertheless, the first time we met, we were very familiar, without any sense of restraint.

Of course, online chat always lacks something. Only when we meet offline can we enhance our intimacy.

You never know, through the screen, what the other person is like.

You never know, all day climbing underwear size of pig brother, but on the arm tattooed with a Chinese Valentine’s day alone Frog

I know Ao Bing is very coquettish, but I don’t know. In reality, he is so coquettish

I think Dr. Yi Zhen should be a very sullen person. In fact, he is a person who is not boring but also full of thieves


These big men, all have unique skills, but everyone is very modest and approachable.

Communicate with everyone, you can learn the shining points in them.

And if you just shut up at home and sweep the snow in front of your door, you may never be able to figure out these valuable experiences and practical methods by yourself.

I knew that they were very good before, but after actually communicating with them, I found that lying trough is so powerful

There are many unknown stories behind every powerful person. They may say it lightly, but their efforts and sweat are beyond the imagination of many people.

Flying from Guangzhou to Shanghai and grinding to Suzhou, it was very hard and I was so sleepy that I wanted to go to bed. But the harvest of these two days made me feel that the time passed really fast. It was so fast that I felt that the plane had just landed and was about to return.

Time does not ask the passers-by, leave just for the next better meet. With dreams, go forward bravely and strive for a better self!

Stay hungry, stay foolish!

Official account: good Linux

Liang Xu was arranged by a million big V, and took a picture with Miss Beauty

What’s the gain? I hope the old fellow will take three strikes to show this article to more people.