Let’s Hackathon | Call for Sony Hackathon, be the coolest geek in this gai!


Let's Hackathon | Call for Sony Hackathon, be the coolest geek in this gai!
To programmers:
From the era of touch screen to the era of induction, Future-Close at hand.
ToF technology is currently applied in VR games, AR music and other scenarios. We look forward to more geeks joining us and entering the induction era together. Pursue the ultimate experience and more fun, no matter in the field of games, short videos, or in education, e-commerce, medical and other industries, let us create more possibilities together.
We invite you to join this ToF hackathon and sense the future together.

**1. What is ToF? **

This is a mobile application programming competition based on Sony’s latest ToF technology and equipped with Sony SDK. ToF is the abbreviation of Time of Flight technology. The sensor emits infrared light and converts the distance of the scene to be photographed by calculating the difference in light emission and reflection time to generate depth information. The three-dimensional outline of the object is represented by different colors in different distances. The topographical map is presented.
Let's Hackathon | Call for Sony Hackathon, be the coolest geek in this gai!

**2. Application field of ToF**

Human beings are entering the induction era from the touch screen era. With the advent of the 5G era and the technological innovation of sensors, various operating experiences in the future will become more cool. Sony’s ToF technology has been applied to a series of scenarios such as VR games, AR music, and VR education. Provide more fun and convenience to individuals, and provide more convenience and safety to society. At the same time, ToF technology has also been applied to fitness, short video, e-commerce, medical care, navigation and other fields.
ToF application scenario demonstration video

**3. King of Glory has joined in a big way**

Since the launch of the event, the competition has received a lot of attention from the industry. Glory of Kings has officially joined this hackathon. As a partner of the event, it has specially authorized the use of model materials of popular heroes of Kings in this hackathon competition, including models of 12 popular heroes. Animation sound effects, and the main scenes of Glory of Kings, buildings, wild monsters, soldier lines and background music.
During the competition, contestants can use these very popular King Hero materials for creative creation. I believe that many game fans of King of Glory are already eager to try it!
The application areas of this competition include: King of Glory material theme, games, e-commerce, medical health, social networking, education, navigation and others (please select the corresponding application area when registering).
Participating teams who choose the material theme of Glory of Kings can use the special development machine for the competition to call twelve popular hero model materials of Glory of Kings during the development period. Combined with Sony ToF technology, VR/AR direction production, to achieve innovation, you can try 1V1 , multiplayer battles, music, and strong emotional interactions with heroes, the results are not limited to games.Let's Hackathon | Call for Sony Hackathon, be the coolest geek in this gai!

Dear Unity3D, game, AR/VR bigwigs, 48 ​​Hours Extreme Programming invites you to join!
Here you can: get in touch with Sony’s latest undisclosed ToF technology, use the very popular hero material for creative creation, win a cash prize of 100,000, and even have the opportunity to work/cooperate with Sony or King of Glory!

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Let's Hackathon | Call for Sony Hackathon, be the coolest geek in this gai!