Let the robot respond faster! Alibaba cloud arms helps reduce the response time of deep drawing intelligent system by 50%


Deepdraw intelligence is a company engaged in interdisciplinary research in the field of artificial intelligence and aesthetic design, driven by technological innovation. Its headquarters is located in Binjiang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. The main products of deep drawing intelligent company are deep drawing Detail Art robot, which is an artificial intelligence system for e-commerce. The system provides one-stop automation services such as layout, cutting, export, loading and data cloud management of detail pages.

New demands

With the rapid development of the company’s business, the system has evolved for many years, and the internal system calls are complex. There are many problems, such as the analysis of abnormal code, program interface level, API level time-consuming, system call time-consuming due to some slow SQL, micro service call link time-consuming and so on. How to find the root cause of these problems quickly and accurately, so as to optimize the system has always been a problem for customers.

Secondly, due to the interaction between deep drawing intelligence’s own business system and the three parties, how to quickly locate the problem when the problem occurs is a problem that the team has been trying to overcome.

Finally, deep drawing intelligence has always been very concerned about the user experience. Some business systems have a long response time and need an end-to-end solution to quickly improve the user experience.

After many times of communication with the deep drawing intelligent technology team, we learned that what customers need is not only the ability to monitor the back-end services, but also a complete set of monitoring solutions from the front-end to the back-end services. At the same time, they are more concerned about the access and transformation cost of the monitoring solutions. It is better to achieve zero business code intrusion. On the other hand, due to frequent interaction with the three-party system, we hope to be able to monitor the database, NoSQL and other components.

Finally, Alibaba cloud’s application real-time monitoring service arms fully meets the needs of deep drawing intelligence

Deployment in probe mode can achieve zero invasion of business code and greatly reduce the cost of monitoring transformation, no matter the services built in early ECS or k8s. Perfect monitoring ability for MySQL, mongodb, redis and other three-party systems, so as to complete the end-to-end overall monitoring solution. Through the application of real-time monitoring service arms access, we can find and locate problems timely and accurately, which brings great improvement of user experience.

Let the robot respond faster! Alibaba cloud arms helps reduce the response time of deep drawing intelligent system by 50%

Program value

The arm monitoring solution is not only a nearly zero code transformation access cost, but also has a perfect and comprehensive end-to-end monitoring capability, which reduces the overall response of the customer system by up to 50%, greatly improves the system response speed, and improves the user experience qualitatively.

Almost zero transformation access cost, through the probe access, deployment, truly achieve zero invasion, zero transformation of business code. Performance problems and bug implementation can be found at a glance, and the solution of arms monitoring can quickly and accurately locate problems. Comprehensive, end-to-end monitoring capability, multi-dimensional monitoring from the application level, interface level, host level, three-party call level. For example, the overall health of the application, response time, slow SQL analysis, interface call times, exception analysis, JVM analysis, memory snapshot analysis, CPU / memory / Io analysis, etc. The high availability of the system has been greatly enhanced. With the help of arms to effectively locate the problem, the overall RT response of the system is reduced by up to 50%, which greatly improves the response speed of the system and improves the user experience qualitatively.

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