Let the kids shout fun visual works!


Today, I’d like to share with you a wave of excellent cases of visualization.
“Visualization” is to make the things we can’t see clearly visible and visualize the abstract things.
Using visualization tools, give full play to the ability of visual display and three-dimensional spatial analysis, and integrate business management, Internet of things perception data, big data analysis data, video monitoring, engineering project data, underground pipe network data, public safety data and investment promotion achievement data into a three-dimensional visualization platform for high integration, mining and analysis, Help users find new clues from a large amount of data, and then explore and create new theories, technologies and methods.

Intelligent office area

Let the kids shout fun visual works!
The design starting point of the work “intelligent office area” is the decoration of the new office. Therefore, as a pilot, intelligent deployment is added to support access to some equipment status and data, as well as the functions required during project implementation, such as route guidance, visual viewing of security equipment based on three-dimensional environment, and assisting in security event management. The logic of buildings, rooms and equipment can be viewed layer by layer to assist managers to quickly grasp the environment in the office area, so as to provide comprehensive and intuitive three-dimensional visualization technical support for remote command and future system expansion.

Digital twin of Smart Substation

Let the kids shout fun visual works!
Smart Substation visualization can present the spatial relationship of substation equipment and the real-time change of environmental data. It can not only overview the overall situation, but also observe the local details, which provides an intuitive, accurate and real monitoring and management method for the intelligent management of substation. It effectively enhances the perception and control of the full state quantity of substation equipment, enhances the safety production guarantee capacity of substation, and further improves the lean management level of operation inspection.

Intelligent factory integrated control center

Let the kids shout fun visual works!
Create a digital twin space for the factory, and conduct three-dimensional modeling and virtual presentation of the factory environment, equipment, pipelines and personas through three-dimensional visualization technology. Integrate business system data such as equipment assets, production and operation, safety monitoring, etc. around the equipment, it can carry out asset life-cycle management, status and performance monitoring, as well as visual display and application of production and operation data, enabling enterprises to work safely, manage efficiently and operate intelligently.

3D virtual smart campus system

Let the kids shout fun visual works!
The campus scenery is very beautiful. We use the concept of digital twin to create the digital twin of the campus, hoping to let more people know and love the school. Visually and completely present the buildings in the campus and the distribution of campus environment, buildings and roads, and realize all-round visualization from the whole campus to the part. Show campus culture and appearance in a more cool and shocking way, and greatly improve the image and standard of the campus.

Disaster emergency management system

Let the kids shout fun visual works!
The snow disaster emergency management system uses the data collected by the Internet of things and sensors to realize the real-time monitoring of disasters. When natural disasters are coming, disaster warning, disaster monitoring and rescue shall be carried out in the disaster area. Visual management can not only achieve rescue and early warning in case of natural disasters, but also optimize the distribution of disaster relief and rescue manpower to ensure life safety. By means of information technology and GIS display, real-time data monitoring of disaster situation is realized, including disaster early warning, rescue implementation, rescue status, rescue materials, shelter and other information, so as to ensure the safe and efficient function of the emergency management system. By building a safety early warning platform, improve the ability of emergency command and rapid disposal, ensure the safe operation of the city, and provide decision-making basis for intelligent division of urban disaster areas, disaster relief planning and disaster prediction.

Industrial Park data visualization platform

Let the kids shout fun visual works!
With visualization ability, help the industrial park to create data visualization and help enterprises realize large screen upgrading and transformation. Optimize and integrate various data to create a visual, manageable and controllable intelligent operation center. Present huge and complex data to facilitate the understanding of the value, laws, trends and relationships behind the data, and improve the decision-making ability and display effect.
Through the above analysis, it can be found that in addition to the cool visual effect, the visualization application package also contains many kinds, such as industry, commerce, sense of urban construction, etc., which can meet the needs of business monitoring, risk early warning, market analysis, and build intelligent management related applications to provide visual support for urban planning, construction, management and decision-making.