Let file names in Windows support case



Recently, I downloaded the Linux kernel from the official Linux website. What I downloaded is a compressed package with the suffix. Tar. XZ. So I unzipped it without knowing it. There were many problems in the Unzipper process.
One of the problems is that in windows, case insensitive file names can be distinguished, but in Ubuntu they can be distinguished. For example, abc.txt and abc.txt will be considered as the same file name. In this way, when abc.txt is first found in a folder and then wants to be copied (or decompressed) to this folder, abc.txt will be asked whether to replace abc.txt. Therefore, we should try to make abc.txt and abc.txt exist in the same folder at the same time.


Use administrator rights to open the PowerShell in the current folder and enter the command

fsutil.exe file setCaseSensitiveInfo D:\Linux enable
If you need to turn off the case support function of the folder, change enable to disable.
Note: the partition of the folder should be in NTFS format; Windows has a Linux subsystem.
If the Linux subsystem is not installed, the runtime will display
Error: the request is not supported.