Leetcode PHP solution — D50 933. Number of recent calls


D50 933. Number of Recent Calls

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933. Number of Recent Calls

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I was blinded by the truth of the subject.

Returns the number of pings (including the current pings) since 3000 milliseconds.

transferpingFunction, the arguments passed intIs the number of milliseconds currently Ping.


In fact, the number of pings in the first 3000 milliseconds is returned.

Save the milliseconds of each Ping, and then go back to find the Ping within 3000 milliseconds.

That is, add 1 to the current number of Ping until the current number of milliseconds minus the previous number of Ping milliseconds is greater than 3000.

Final code

class RecentCounter {
    public $pings = [];
    public $head = 0;

    function __construct() {
    function ping($t) {
            return null;
        $this->pings[] = $t;
        return count($this->pings)-$this->head;
 * Your RecentCounter object will be instantiated and called as such:
 * $obj = RecentCounter();
 * $ret_1 = $obj->ping($t);

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