Leetcode PHP solution — d118 350. Intersection of two arrays II


D118 350. Intersection of Two Arrays II

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350. Intersection of Two Arrays II

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Returns the intersection of a given array.


Start from the larger array to find out whether the element exists in another array and whether the number is less than or equal to the current array. If yes, it is filled into the intersection array.

Final code

class Solution {

     * @param Integer[] $nums1
     * @param Integer[] $nums2
     * @return Integer[]
    function intersect($nums1, $nums2) {
        $a1 = count($nums1);
        $a2 = count($nums2);
        $c1 = array_count_values($nums1);
        $c2 = array_count_values($nums2);
        $c = $c1;
        $other = $c2;
            $c = $c2;
            $other = $c1;
        $inter = [];
        foreach($c as $v => $a){
                $inter = array_pad($inter, count($inter) + min($a, $other[$v]), $v);
        return $inter;

This problem only beat 35% of the code. There is still a lot of room for optimization.

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