Leetcode MySQL exercise one – employees who exceed the manager’s income


The employee table contains all employees, and their managers also belong to employees. Each employee has an ID and a list of the ID of the manager corresponding to the employee.

Id Name Salary ManagerId
1 Joe 70000 3
2 Henry 80000 4
3 Sam 60000 NULL
4 Max 90000 NULL

The Department table contains information about all departments of the company.

Id Name
1 IT
2 Sales

Write an SQL query to find out the highest paid employees in each department. For example, according to the table given above, Max has the highest salary in the IT department and Henry has the highest salary in the sales department.

Department Employee Salary
IT Max 90000
Sales Henry 80000
    SELECT e.Name AS Employee
    FROM Employee e, Employee e1
    WHERE e.ManagerId = e1.id
        AND e.Salary > e1.Salary;

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Yong Li Gao

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