Leetcode-191-number of bit 1


Number of bits 1

Title Description: write a function. The input is an unsigned integer (in the form of binary string) and returns the number of digits with ‘1’ in its binary expression (also known as Hamming weight).


  • Note that in some languages, such as Java, there is no unsigned integer type. In this case, both input and output will be specified as signed integer types and should not affect your implementation, because the internal binary representation of an integer is the same whether it is signed or unsigned.
  • In Java, the compiler uses binary complement notation to represent signed integers. Therefore, in example 3 above, the input represents a signed integer – 3.

See leetcode’s official website for an example.

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Solution 1: traversal

First, useInteger.toBinaryString(num)Method converts n to binary string binarystring;

Then, traverse each character of the string binarystring to determine whether the current character is’ 1 ‘. If so, add 1 to the result;

Finally, the returned result is the number of 1 in binary bits.

public class LeetCode_191 {
    public static int hammingWeight(int n) {
        String binaryString = Integer.toBinaryString(n);
        int result = 0;
        for (char c : binaryString.toCharArray()) {
            if (c == '1') {
        return result;

    public static void main(String[] args) {

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