Learning notes of Huawei account service (1): what is HMS and Huawei account service


In the past two years, due to the U.S. pressure on Huawei, Google’s GMS has banned the use of Huawei’s mobile phones. As a result, the sales volume of Huawei’s mobile phones in Europe has dropped to a freezing point, and Huawei is not willing to be outdone. With the help of the whole company, it has rapidly launched its own Huawei mobile service, namely HMS. At the same time, the relevant domestic Internet companies are also worried about the same experience and are looking for alternatives to GMS, Suddenly, there was a trend of going to “beauty” in China. Huawei’s HMS integration volume is also growing rapidly, and the HMS ecosystem is booming. I believe that in the near future, it is only a matter of time before Huawei’s “three ecology” (apple, Google and Huawei) is realized.

As a mobile application developer, knowing HMS and having access experience in HMS related services will be a highlight of the follow-up workplace skills. Recently, the author spent some time learning Huawei’s HMS and Huawei’s account service after work because of the need of the project, and organized some notes for everyone to exchange and reference. At the same time, the author also established a QQ group, It’s convenient for you to communicate. If you have any problems in the process of reading notes, you can consult in QQ group.

Learning notes of Huawei account service (1): what is HMS and Huawei account service

1、 What is HMS?

The full name of Huawei mobile services is a collection of Huawei cloud services. HMS includes a set of open HMS apps and HMS core, HMS capabilities, HMS connect, and corresponding ide tools for development and testing.
HMS apps include Huawei cloud space, Huawei intelligent assistant, Huawei application market, Huawei wallet, Huawei tianjitong, Huawei video, Huawei music, Huawei reading, Huawei theme and life services. They are independent applications.

HMS core is a collection of end-to-end and cloud open capabilities provided by Huawei mobile services, which helps developers build high-quality applications efficiently. It is a set of applications and services provided by Huawei for its device ecosystem. Developers can use multiple open capabilities of Huawei by integrating HMS SDK. From the perspective of Huawei developer alliance, the current HMS core already includes dozens of services such as Huawei account service, involving various fields.

Learning notes of Huawei account service (1): what is HMS and Huawei account service

What is the relationship between Huawei HMS and Huawei Hongmeng?

Many people don’t understand the relationship between the two. If IAAs, PAAS and SaaS are used as metaphors, Hongmeng belongs to PAAS, which is the operating system of mobile phones, while HMS belongs to SaaS, which is the service provided on top of the operating system.

2、 What is Huawei account service?

Huawei account service is one of the basic capabilities provided by HMS core. Huawei account service provides developers with a simple and secure login authorization function to facilitate users to log in quickly. Users don’t have to enter the account number, password and cumbersome verification, they can quickly log in through “Huawei account login” and use the app immediately.

To put it bluntly, for example, when we usually open an app, such as the app of China Merchants Bank, the first step is to log in first. As shown in the figure below, China Merchants Bank supports Huawei account login and wechat account login. Click log in with Huawei account to log in to China Merchants Bank app with Huawei account.

Learning notes of Huawei account service (1): what is HMS and Huawei account service

So what scenarios can Huawei account service be used?

1. Developers don’t have their own account system. After all, a company or an individual can not develop and maintain such a huge system. In this case, Huawei account service SDK can be integrated into the application to use Huawei account system.

2. I hope the huge user group of Huawei account can bring user growth to its application. According to Huawei’s official announcement, the number of users of Huawei’s account has reached 1 billion, and few domestic enterprises can match such a huge number of users.

3. We hope to use Huawei’s global users to help us go to sea. Huawei account service has served more than 190 countries and supported more than 70 languages, which is a very good choice for applications that want to go to sea, whether it is the internationalization of the language or the number of overseas users.

After this period of research, the author summarizes the advantages that can be brought to his application after accessing Huawei account service

1. Support Huawei’s full scene

Huawei account can switch and log in in all scenarios, such as mobile phone, tablet, large screen, car and watch, so that application developers can fully integrate their products and services into Huawei’s all scenario platform.

2. Share Huawei’s global user resources

As mentioned earlier, Huawei’s account service covers more than 190 countries and regions around the world, supports more than 70 languages, and accumulates huge user resources. After access, it makes it easier for applications to obtain customers.

3. Account security is guaranteed

Huawei can make the United States fear, so its technical ability is not low, and its security is not inferior to other manufacturers. China Merchants Bank, an enterprise with high security requirements, is using it. Huawei account adopts password + verification code two factor authentication method, which is protected by international standard protocols such as oauth2.0 and openid connect, encrypts data in the whole process, and provides cross account protection function based on RISC.

Learning notes of Huawei account service (1): what is HMS and Huawei account service

4. Access to Huawei account service is very fast

I have personally practiced this. If it’s fast, it can be completed in half an hour. Later, I will introduce in detail how to quickly access the Huawei account service.

Finally, two demo source codes of Huawei account service are provided on Huawei’s official GitHub. One of them also provides a download QR code. You can use your mobile browser to scan and download demo APK for installation experience. The author has a download experience. Demo is very simple, and the profile also shows that accessing Huawei account service will not be too difficult.

If you are interested, you can download it, but you need to use mobile browser to scan the code, and you need to run it on Huawei mobile phone.

Learning notes of Huawei account service (1): what is HMS and Huawei account service

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