Learning method sharing: why can we get the offer of a large factory in a year and a half


Learning method sharing: why can we get the offer of a large factory in a year and a half

After all, it’s about chatting. Once, I put a piece of smart light in a college class and wrote a net name that I used to use all the time


Original address: nealyang / personalblog

To be honest, it’s really luck that gives us the chance to enter the big factory. I didn’t expect that the experience of one and a half years’ working experience in Hangzhou factory was so popular. There are many friends in the group asking me, how do you learn?

This is the end of XXX’s experience in Ali. I hope it will be turned over from now on and will not be mentioned again. Otherwise, there will always be a sense of showing off, feeling pressure and shame~

This is not a technical article. I’d like to introduce what I have experienced and done before and during my work in Ali. Finally, I’ll share the resume that knocked on the door of the interview.

Learning method sharing: why can we get the offer of a large factory in a year and a half

Key node experience

I try to be as brief as possible.

In one’s college years

Children from the countryside, from just turning on and off to all kinds of competitions, ghosts know how to understand programming.

In the end, I took itOracle Java National Youth Design CompetitionFirst prize of northeast competition areaBlue Bridge CupProgramming province one, country three and so on four five programming awards.

During the internship of senior

I use the tank war custom hack version written in Java to open the door of the internship company hand. In the mobile department, I thought it was Java, and the result was hybrid app development. So, during the internship, I started to learn the front-end.

At the beginning of the learning process, everyone is the same. W3C started. Finally, I became the first one to bring new people to the team. I also led people to develop the first version of Huilian E-app. 90% of the code is written by me alone. Also deserved to get the rookie of the year award. Once again, thank you for giving me the chance, brother Shun.

But to be honest, the technology and the front-end foundation at that time were all not mastered. They were all using ionic, Cordova and angular. Not even jQuery…

First job

After graduation in Beijing, the first job in the global network, facts have proved that the original choice is correct.

I’m officially in touch with the front end, starting with the page. From the beginning of adding a click event monitoring to Baidu, to the last half day to produce an activity page.

The next week, I learned RN and took the banner of my own global network app (Android version). Later, I transferred to the platform group and began to contact react and node.

I met with many difficult projects, which I said at that time, why I have been in the pit. And in the end, it’s all the best part of my resume.


Later, when I decided to change my job, I wanted to choose a city. When I came to Hangzhou, I saw a year and a half of front-end work experience. How did I win Netease, Alibaba and didi offer

About front-end

All of the following statements are personal. If there is something wrong, please point out and exchange with us

As far as the front end is concerned, I personally think there are three stages. Cognitive stage, research stage and mastery stage

Cognitive stage

The so-called cognitive stage is to start to contact the front end and start to learn the front end.

Learning method

This stage should be considered as my internship stage. A college student who has never been in contact with the front end. A simple summary is all kinds of reading and learning.

  • Start with the most basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript. I started to learn from W3C, and then I also took the online knowledge mastery test.
  • Every job is a challenge, every challenge is growth. Also from this time, I began to develop the habit of blogging.
  • Meet any new technology, start from the official website to learn. Because at this stage, the official website can help you solve 99% of the problems
  • In case of problems, try to rely on yourself, don’t ask questions in the group. Even, you have to take the initiative to find problems. Secretly tell you that my QQ group and wechat group were created when I first learned this kind of knowledge. At the beginning, I tried my best to answer every question in the group. Although I am a rookie, but I will Baidu, Google!

As of the beginning of 2016. This is the problem I encountered in my own project summarized in the internship stage

Open source China nealyang

Research stage

The so-called research stage is that you have basically started the front-end, need to find a direction, to learn, to study. For example, whether one of the three frames can be selected to enter the pit. Pay attention to study, not to stop.

Learning method

At this stage, I will still browse the information of various official websites. At the same time, as far as I am concerned, I chose react technology stack + node, which are also the two technology exchange groups I first created.

Of course, in my work, I also spent a week learning react native and completing the code writing of the official app. This gave me some insight into react in advance. It is very difficult for a beginner to master the react technology stack. It took me a week to finish all the tutorials. Then I started to learn react router, Redux, react Redux, and then I also came into contact with webback. Before that, I just learned gulp (see the relevant summary for the list of open source Chinese blogs).

My learning method is more sword – oriented. Now that you have finished reading the knowledge points, go straight to work.

  • It took me about four days to read the basic knowledge of nodejs. I wrote a demo: EJS express mysql
  • After learning the demo of Ruan Yifeng, I started Baidu and Google to complete a configuration of my own project: Neal team website
  • Redux I studied all night for a weekend, and on Monday I wrote some demos and related insights study Redux
  • When starting to connect the react technology stack in series, we found that Redux saga needs to learn and the overall project structure is very disordered. So, I opened another Demo: react fullstack Dianping demo. This is a video that a friend shared with me. But to be honest, after reading the whole video, I felt that what the teacher explained was not quite right, so I wrote an open source one.
  • After learning the whole article, I wrote a summary demo, which is the highest star in GitHub: react express blog demo

These are just my personal learning react, and all the learning has related outputs, and all the demos are visible in GitHub. At the same time, in the work, there are also in use and learning.

Looking back, I have been pretending to be a God. In fact, when I came out of open source, I was learning and I didn’t fully master it. Because I feel that if I write something I will, it’s a waste of time.

Except react. At this stage, IEat up everythingRead a lot of JavaScript classic books, red treasure books, rhinoceros books (read 60%), ES6, high-performance JS, JS series you don’t know, ninja scripts and so on, and left relevant notes on various platforms.

At this stage, you have too much to learn, anything you don’t know, you should know! Don’t wait for work or business to scan your knowledge blind spot. Take the initiative to find their own technical direction. Purposeful and productive learning~

Mastery phase

In fact, as far as I’m concerned, I should be in the transition from the second stage to the third stage, so I can’t give my personal summary here. Say next this stage, my own personal plan for your reference.

At this stage, I have entered the company I like. And the big bull around him can give himself pressure almost every day. So study… It is still my core goal. But at the same time! The understanding and mastery of business is also a point that I need to improve and attach importance to at this stage.

At this stage, I need to do a lot. Say what you expect of yourself

At work

  • Write every line of code with business thinking. For code specification, component encapsulation and overall architecture construction, further thinking and learning are needed.
  • Understand the core interests of Bu, your contribution to Bu, and how to make good use of your technology to back feed the business.
  • More from the business to find technological breakthroughs. From the breakthrough point of technology to find their own direction.
  • From the perspective of front-end team to think about how to liberate front-end brain power. Always keep a keen sense of smell to think about the team’s development process, technical pain points, etc., and strive to find solutions.


  • Learning is based on business. But we still need to make clear our future areas.
  • More technology sharing, more contact with Daniel, to improve their vision of technology and the sense of future front-end direction
  • Review the front-end again and make more summary articles.
  • For the existing knowledge in the front-end field, it is not required to be comprehensive, but to be able to be concise
  • Keep a free heart to learn
  • Improve their own non-technical soft power (mapping, architecture thinking, PPT, etc.)
  • The building of personal brand influence (I have to say that GitHub helps me to open the door of Alibaba)


In conclusion, as mentioned above, I didn’t take any shortcut. Just

  • Learn things decisively and persistently. And there must be output (blog, GitHub)
  • Not afraid to encounter problems, or even take the initiative to find other people’s problems, and then help yourself to answer (technical exchange group)
  • Learning new things is just browsing the official website introduction and API, and then directly on the handwritten demo, will not check again!
  • Browse technical forums and blogs. Always have ladders, you know. Contact and communicate with Daniel more (but note: no Daniel is idle)
  • Be sure to write! Write! Write! Don’t just look! Read!
  • Technology can’t be separated from business, thinking more about business pain points, team workflow pain points and technological breakthrough points.
  • To improve their ability of technical thinking, we should not only learn, but also learn to innovate and think why.

Finally, I want to say that I still have a lot to learn. This article is an answer to some doubts of my friends who have always supported me. Because I really can’t give the most effective learning methods and suggestions, so I can only brief my own situation for reference. If you say something wrong, please forgive me.

Don’t forget your original intention! Crazy but not proud of peace~

Learning method sharing: why can we get the offer of a large factory in a year and a half


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Next I will introduce: Ali side, how I interviewed P6 and P7 (interview questions and scoring analysis)

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Learning method sharing: why can we get the offer of a large factory in a year and a half