Learning concerns: the future of learning C + +


Many friends have such a question, learning C / + + can do? What are the benefits? How about salary? Let’s answer it!

As mentioned in the previous article, computer major ranks first among the popular majors. What’s the prospect. C language c + + is a high-level language, suitable for human writing, now the mainstream programming languages are derived from C language. So it is necessary to master C language well!

At present, the domestic embedded development is very popular, and C / C + + is mainly used for the underlying embedded development, driver development, etc., but also for the application software development of WinCE and other embedded systems. It can be said that the development prospect of C / C + + software engineer is still good.

Let’s take a look at the salary of C / C + + engineers in different cities through the following table.


It can be seen from this table that the average salary of C / C + + engineers is relatively high, and graduates are more inclined to go to Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Compared with Java and. Net, C + + is a programming language with wider application scope and higher operation efficiency. There has been a saying in the software development industry that if you have not learned C / C + +, you are not a real programmer, and if you have not mastered C / C + + Programming technology, you are not holding the key to the world-class enterprise. Therefore, C / C + + is the pride of programmers and the necessary knowledge and accomplishment to become an excellent programmer.

▌ salary distribution

Under the slogan of mass entrepreneurship and mass innovation, the concept of “entrepreneurship” has become very popular. However, after the capital winter in the second half of 2015, the wages of start-up companies seem not to be so high. Take a look at the following figure:


On the whole, the more mature the company is, the higher the price it offers, and the lowest is the start-up company. Although some start-up companies offer an annual salary of more than 50W in order to dig people, these are very few after all.

The salary distribution is also very interesting. The monthly salary of 15K is a watershed, with 25% above 15K, 14% above 20K, and only 5% above 25K.


At present, C / C + + technology is widely used in many industries: network, communication, image, game, desktop and so on. It is also the only programming language to meet the needs of many aspects. C / C + + is suitable for Windows programming, PC games, embedded software development. In the field of software programming, there are almost no problems that C + + software engineers can’t solve. The kernel of windows, Linux and UNIX are all written in C + + language and assembly, and the upper advanced features are also written in C + +. Its real-time, flexibility, is incomparable with other programming languages.

It is for these reasons that the demand for C + + software engineers continues to rise in all kinds of enterprises. Many famous enterprises in the world, such as IBM and HP, regard C + + as the necessary software language requirement for excellent programmers, which is the basic reference for recruiting employees. Therefore, it is popular in the industry that mastering C + + technology is the key to a first-class enterprise.

▌ which segments have stronger demand and higher salary?


Internet Finance and e-commerce are leading the way. However, in terms of growth rate, the growth rate of enterprise services and medical companies is the highest, and the growth rate of e-commerce is obviously slowing down. There is not much difference in salary among various sub sectors. Information security, finance, data services, games and hardware have become the top 5 in salary ranking.

▌ how much can C / C + + engineers get in 2020?


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At present, the talent gap of C + + software development in China is about 10W per year. In the future, with the continuous acceleration of informatization and digitization, this number will double. According to the survey, the annual salary of junior and intermediate C + + software development engineers is currently 5w-15w, while that of senior software engineers is as high as 15w-30w. The C + + technical director or project director who is most in short supply in the market has a higher annual salary. Compared with Java Software Engineer and. Net software engineer, the annual salary of C + + software engineer is generally higher than 2-3W. According to experts’ prediction, C + + software engineer is one of the most popular and popular professions in the next few years.


Through the above introduction, we should have a clear understanding of how much salary we can get by learning C / C + + in the Internet industry. If you also want to get a high salary and master a skill, don’t hesitate. Time does not wait for me, take advantage of the C + + software engineer development prospects, learn the knowledge to find a lucrative job.

Of course, if you want to go further in this area, you must learn more. Not only can learn, but also can “practice”, after all, the technical post is to see the practical ability.