Learn from Huawei cloud micro certification and catch the fast train of “blockchain”


Learn from Huawei cloud micro certification and catch the fast train of “blockchain”

With the emergence of bitcoin, blockchain has become a hot topic in the past two years, which has burst the circle of friends for a while. What is blockchain? What are its advantages? How do we apply it? Huawei cloud micro certification "blockchain deployment pinball game simulation asset change" reveals the relevant technologies of blockchain for you, and improves your ability to use blockchain services by simulating asset change.

Blockchain service realizes fast service on the chain

What is blockchain? From an academic point of view, blockchain is a new application mode of computer technology, such as distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm and so on. In essence, it is a decentralized database. It sounds very profound. For a simple example, you will soon understand: if there is an account book at home, in the past, all the money in the family was handed over to Dad to keep accounts, and dad wanted to smoke, the record in the account book might be dozens of yuan less. The way to solve the problem with blockchain is to use the whole family mobilization method to keep accounts, and all members of the family can keep accounts, because everyone can see the general ledger, and no one can modify it. In this way, if father wants to buy cigarettes secretly, and mother wants to buy cosmetics secretly, they will be found.

However, it is not easy for enterprises to develop and build a blockchain system. The lack of blockchain talents, complex underlying technology, time-consuming development and complex operation and maintenance make it impossible for enterprises to focus on the development and innovation of upper business. Huawei cloud blockchain service (BCS) is a blockchain technology platform service for enterprises and developers based on hyperledger fabric. It can help us quickly deploy, manage and maintain the blockchain network on Huawei cloud, reduce the threshold of using blockchain, focus on the development and innovation of our own business, and realize the fast service on the chain.
Learn from Huawei cloud micro certification and catch the fast train of

Multiple advantages to ensure the safe operation of blockchain services

What are the specific benefits of Huawei's cloud blockchain service? Let's have a look.

Simple and easy to use: Huawei cloud BCS is built based on hyperledger fabric, and the blockchain network deployment can be completed within 5 minutes at the fastest, which can save 80% of the development and deployment costs; Provide full life cycle management and intelligent contract coding, debugging and deployment.
Cost effective: pay on demand, reduce the cost of use. Docking operation and maintenance platform AOM to carry out unified operation and maintenance of blockchain services and reduce operation and maintenance costs; And can be flexible according to demand, greatly improve the cost performance.
High performance and high reliability: support a variety of efficient consensus algorithms, second level consensus (5000tps +), to meet business performance requirements; Blockchain ledger is stored in Huawei cloud efficient elastic storage file to meet users’ massive and fast storage needs; Support multi role node and member dynamic join / exit.
Security and privacy protection: Huawei cloud’s own security system protects the stable operation of the blockchain. The security system based on hyperledger can realize tamper proof and privacy protection; Support encryption and decryption based on national secret algorithm; There are more expert services to provide practical guidance and consultation for exclusive blockchain development.
It’s so simple to learn blockchain technology through pinball game to simulate asset changes
Huawei cloud micro certification “blockchain deployment pinball game simulation asset change” will lead you to understand the blockchain through learning relevant blockchain knowledge and experiments in four steps: ordering blockchain services, installing and instantiating code, configuring and deploying applications, and verifying results. Through learning, you will understand the definition, advantages and use scenarios of blockchain; Master the concept of basic technology in hyperledger fabric in blockchain; Be familiar with the use of cloud container engine CCE, blockchain service BCS, virtual private cloud VPC, etc., and use blockchain to deploy pinball games to simulate asset changes.
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