Learn about the latest developments of filecoin network!



Learn about the latest developments of filecoin network**

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Learn about the latest developments of filecoin network!

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Professional focus and win-win cooperation

On September 1, the effective computing power of filecoin broke through 10eib and entered a new milestone!

In addition to the amazing achievements in computing power, what other major events have taken place in filecoin network recently? Let’s review it



Dorahacks filecoin grant

Learn about the latest developments of filecoin network!

In 2021, dorahacks filecoin grant ended the voting session. The competition lasted from May 1 to mid July. Among the top three winning projects, a total of about US $249000 was awarded. These award-winning projects will help build the future of filecoin network.

Publish filecoin polygon Bridge

Learn about the latest developments of filecoin network!

Filecoin announced a partnership with polygon to accelerate Web3 interoperability between the two ecosystems. This cooperation began with the filecoin polygon bridge recently created by the textile team.

To further encourage developers to try and build on the bridge, filecoin and polygon provide free storage for any project using the textile bridge. The two sides also arranged two upcoming joint hacking sessions, where developers can try to build bridges and build new applications. (click here for cooperation details)



Jigstack Gallery promotes the integration of IPFs and filecoin

Learn about the latest developments of filecoin network!

Gallery is the latest solution of jigstackdao. It is a multi defi product governance platform managed and motivated by $stak. Gallery is the entrance of jigstack into NFT ecosystem, creating novel and creative opportunities for NFT and stak holders.

Gallery announced that they will use IPFs and filecoin to store NFT, which is also an integral part of their upcoming official plan.

Provide decentralized storage for mask network

Learn about the latest developments of filecoin network!

Mask network and filecoin announced their cooperation to bridge web2 and Web3 by providing decentralized storage solutions to mask users.

Mask network is a leading protocol connecting web2 platform and Web3 principles. The mask browser extension allows anyone to interact with others on traditional platforms such as Facebook and twitter, but requires the use of Web3 principles and solutions. Users can send and receive encrypted messages, transfer encrypted currency or participate in funded projects through gitcoin, and quickly store and share files through filecoin network.
Learn about the latest developments of filecoin network!

Through the mask browser extension, users can choose to upload specific files to the filecoin network and share them in their network as encrypted or unencrypted assets.

Functions of web3.storage in the new stack

The new stack agrees with web3.storage and recently launched a storage solution that provides developers with free access (real and indefinite) to the filecoin network.

Web3.storage brings redundancy and ease of use, opening the door to the decentralized storage world to more experienced or novice Web3 developers.


Storage provider

The filecoin community agreed to change storage provider terminology

Learn about the latest developments of filecoin network!

On August 20, after soliciting the opinions and feedback of the entire filecoin community on filecoin improvement proposal 18 (fip-0018) for several weeks, the filecoin community approved fip-0018 and changed the naming convention of the storage market and its storage providers.

This naming convention will be fully updated on the filecoin documentation website, githhub, the official social media channels of filecoin and filecoin foundation, and other ecological tools.

Lotus release V 1.11.1

Learn about the latest developments of filecoin network!

Lotus v1.11.1 is now online. This version makes many improvements in transaction and data storage, and adds new features and bug fixes.

Proofs release v9.0.0 & v9.0.1

Learn about the latest developments of filecoin network!

Proofs v9.0.0 & v9.0.1 are now online and marked in lotus v1.11.2rc series for testing. These versions convert the default bls381 library from pairing to blst because it is better in performance after audit and measurement.

Since storage providers have basically used blst as an optional feature for a period of time, it has its value as a default feature. This version also allows the internal thread library to switch from rayon to yasl to improve scheduling in parallel workloads.



Filecoin community activities funding scheme

The filecoin community activity funding program was officially released. The plan will include a series of small grants to cover the cost of community activities organized from October 18 to 22 to celebrate the first anniversary of the launch of filecoin main network.

Ipfsforce hosts space race celebrations

On August 24, ipfsforce hosted the filecoin Genesis block online summit to celebrate the first anniversary of the filecoin space race. More than 11000 community members watched this activity and learned about all the exciting developments in filecoin ecology.

Fivetoken test

Learn about the latest developments of filecoin network!

On August 25, fivetoken (formerly filwallet. AI) and filecoin foundation will launch a test in the community to review the full set of products of fivetoken Web3 application. The top 500 most valuable feedback will win an NFT, PX, and fivetoken mascot.



Learn about NFT with Yusef napora

Learn about the latest developments of filecoin network!

Encode filecoin Club invited protocol labs engineer and technical writer Yusef napora to introduce NFT to students and hackers. During the one hour meeting, Yusef delivered a speech on NFT topics, such as its related contracts, standards and storage difficulties. He also guided the participants to experience the coding challenges of deploying and creating NFT and how to store NFT on nft.storage.

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