Latest virtual machine VMware 14 installation tutorial


Let’s give you the VMware 14 activation code first


VMware 16 activation code


Let’s take a look at the virtual machine VMware 14 installation tutorial

VMware virtual machine software is a “Virtual PC” software, which enables you to run two or more windows, dos and Linux systems on one machine at the same time. Compared with the “multi boot” system, VMware adopts a completely different concept. The multi start system can only run one system at a time, and the machine needs to be restarted during system switching.

Close the anti-virus software and 360 guard before installation. Note that the installation path cannot have Chinese and the installation package path cannot have Chinese.

[installation environment]: win7 / win8 / win10

1. Right click the “VMware 14” compressed package and select decompress.

2. Open the extracted folder, right-click “vmware-workstation-full-” and select run as administrator.

3. Click next.

4. Check “I accept permission” and click next.

5. Click “change” to select the location of software installation. Here, I set the installation path to disk D. users can choose the installation location according to their actual situation (it is recommended not to install to Disk C). Click next.

6. Uncheck and check the product update and customer experience improvement plan, and click next.

7. Click next.

8. Click Install.

9. The following dialog box will pop up during installation. Click Cancel.

10. Click finish.

11. Click No.

12. Double click the desktop VM shortcut to open the virtual machine.

13. Enter the license key: aa510-2df1q-h882q-xfpqe-q30a0, and click continue.

14. Click finish.

15. After the virtual machine is installed, open the interface as follows.

Note: users can install the (XP, win7, xin8 or xin10) system in the virtual machine according to their own needs. The method of installing windows system in the virtual machine is roughly the same. Please refer to the following installation tutorial.

Attachment: general steps for installing windows system on virtual machine:

1. Double click the desktop VM shortcut to open the virtual machine.

2. Click: create a new virtual machine

3. Select custom and click next.

4. Hardware compatibility, select the latest version and click next.

5. Click Browse to open the system to be installed. Here I open the system files of win7 (users can download the corresponding system files at the download addresses of win7, win8 and win10 provided at the beginning of this article), and click next.

6. Don’t fill in anything, click next.

7. Click Yes.

8. Click Browse to set the storage location of the virtual machine. Here, I choose to store it in disk H (it is recommended that the user select a disk other than disk C), and click next.

9. Continue to click next.


10. Select the number of processors according to the computer configuration. I will keep the default here and click next.

11. Set the memory size of the virtual machine. It is recommended to select at least 512M. I choose 1024m here and click next.

12. Click next.

13. Click next.

14. Next step.

15. Select create new disk and click next.

16. Select the disk capacity (more than 10g is recommended for XP system and more than 30g for win7 and above) and click next.

17. Click next.

18. Click finish.

19. During system installation, it takes about 30 minutes.

20. The virtual machine is installing the system.

21. After installation, the win7 system interface opened in the virtual machine is as follows.

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