Laravel Tutorial – Practical Jam Community Open Source E-commerce API System


Important notice: The open source e-commerce version source code of Laravel + applet has been pulled on github, welcome to submit issue and star 🙂
Open source e-commerce server:Laravel API source code
Open source e-commerce client:applet source code

Introduction to Jam Community

IYOYO company was founded in Shanghai in 2011. After 8 years of industry accumulation, IYOYO firmly believes that technology drives business innovation, and helps small and medium-sized enterprises to transform and upgrade to intelligent business by providing products and services.

Based on the core value of social store merchants, the Jam community product was launched in September 2016. Jam formed a strategic integration plan with four systems of O2O transactions, membership rights, data tracking analysis, and content experience to create an intelligent business ecosystem.

Jam community products include H5 micro mall, mini program mall, interactive experience platform, store shopping guide, brand official website building and other functions and services, cater to the new retail era of scene-based, community-based and personalized, and provide enterprises with flexible customized product solutions Solutions to make business smarter.

Jam Community Technology Program

The technical solutions adopted by the Jam community are:

  1. Laravel: API + Admin Backend
  2. vue.js: H5 SPA Single Page Application
  3. WeChat applet
  4. Docker: All applications are dockerized to achieve rapid deployment + automatic update + rapid expansion + load balancing

Jam Community Core Module

The Jam Community product consists of the following core modules:

  • H5 Micro Mall (vue.js + Laravel API)
  • Mini Program Mall (WeChat Mini Program + Laravel API)
  • Distribution function (vue.js + applet + Laravel API)
  • Event Registration (vue.js + Laravel API)
  • Shopping guide applet (mini program + Laravel API)
  • WeChat third-party platform (Laravel + easywechat)

API Tutorial

Why think about open source and tutorials, for the following purposes:

  1. To enhance the popularity of products in the jam community, in 2018, it was mainly spread in the relationship circle of my friends. In 2019, I hope that more friends can learn about the jam product.
  2. Source the community, give back to the community. Jam community products can be quickly developed, launched and operated stably in a short period of time, relying entirely on the rich resources of the open source community, so we plan to open source to give back to the community.
  3. Help more beginners. During the interview process, it was found that many beginners with poor foundations still could not meet the company’s recruitment requirements after training abroad. Therefore, I hope that the tutorials can help some beginners who really want to learn to learn valuable content.
  4. Although it is a tutorial, it is also a document, which enables new colleagues in the company to quickly understand the products of the Jam Community.
  5. After the product has stabilized, there is time to do this.

What can be learned?

  1. Environment construction + server deployment and operation and maintenance
  2. PHP Basic Skills + Coding Standards
  3. Use of Composer
  4. Laravel Basics + Advanced Skills
  5. Laravel API Solutions
  6. Design Patterns
  7. unit test
  8. E-commerce business

Who is it for?

This tutorial focuses on back-end development and Laravel solutions. We will strive to improve every detail of the tutorial to minimize the entry threshold, so that beginners can get started quickly. Our tutorials tend to be hands-on. Even beginners who have just started, as long as they follow the content of the tutorial step by step, they can successfully complete the learning.

  • Computer students and freshmen
  • entry-level programmer
  • PHP programmer
  • E-commerce product manager

Tutorial Features

  1. Actual combat, actual combat, actual combat: Less theory, more hands-on, and see the results.
  2. Best practice: good coding practices + unit testing + continuous integration + documentation, form good coding habits from the start.
  3. Improve thinking ability: It is better to teach you how to fish than to teach you how to fish, teach you how to think and solve problems.
  4. Real e-commerce business: All business needs come from real customers and are running well online.

Tutorial Directory

0. Environmental preparation

1. Jam shop login process (mini program)

  • 1.1 Process introduction and analysis
  • 1.2 Sending and verifying the verification code
  • 1.3 Laravel Passport implements user registration and login
  • 1.4 Knowledge summary

2. WeChat login

  • 2.1 Demand Analysis
  • 2.2 Process explanation
  • 2.3 iBrand WeChat third-party platform
  • 2.4 Function development
  • 2.5 Knowledge summary

3. User system

  • 3.1 Demand Analysis
  • 3.2 Basic information
  • 3.3 Synchronize WeChat information
  • 3.4 Delivery address management

4. Commodity system

  • 4.1 Commodity classification
  • 4.2 Product brand
  • 4.3 Product Specifications and Specification Values
  • 4.4 Product attributes and attribute values
  • 4.5 Commodity model
  • 4.6 Product Information
  • 4.7 Basic Development of Commodity List
  • 4.8 Product List Screening Development
  • 4.9 Product Search Development
  • 4.10 Basic Development of Product Details Page
  • 4.11 Select SKU development on product details page
  • 4.12 Knowledge Summary

5. Shopping Cart System

  • 5.1 Demand Analysis
  • 5.2 Process explanation
  • 5.3 Add products to shopping cart development
  • 5.4 Shopping Cart Display Product Development
  • 5.5 Cart removal product development
  • 5.6 Shopping cart modification product quantity development
  • 5.7 Knowledge summary

6. Order system

  • 6.1 Requirement Analysis
  • 6.2 Process explanation
  • 6.3 System Design
  • 6.4 Order List Development
  • 6.5 Development of order details

7. Promotion system

8. Coupon system

9. Shopping process – placing an order

10. After-sales system

11. Shopping Process – After Sales


13. Alibaba Cloud Deployment

More to be improved

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