Laravel task scheduling pusher practice summary (basic configuration)

First of all, I register my account on pusher’s official website and choose the operation service, because I’m used to using Vue, but I choose JS without a front end. Of course, the back end is laravel

Then go to packagyst to download and configure pusher…

$ composer require pusher/pusher-http-laravel

config/app.php to your aliases

'Pusher' => Pusher\Laravel\Facades\Pusher::class

config/app.php in the providers


Then the pusher file will appear under the config file

Specific configuration

    'connections' => [

        'main' => [
            'auth_key' => env('PUSHER_APP_KEY'),
            'secret' => env('PUSHER_APP_SECRET'),
            'app_id' => env('PUSHER_APP_ID'),
            'options' => [
                'cluster' => 'ap1',
                'encrypted' => true
            'host' => null,
            'port' => null,
            'timeout' => null,

        'alternative' => [
            'auth_key' => 'your-auth-key',
            'secret' => 'your-secret',
            'app_id' => 'your-app-id',
            'options' => [],
            'host' => null,
            'port' => null,
            'timeout' => null,



Because I wrote the key configuration registered from pusher in Env, you can also write it directly
Env configuration


This completes the basic configuration
De route activate it

Route::get('pusher/index','[email protected]');

namespace App\Http\Controllers;

use Illuminate\Http\Request;

class PusherController extends Controller
    function index(){
        return view('pusher/index');

In this way, monitoring information will appear every time you access the address official website on the route

Basic configuration has ended

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