Laracms background management system


Laracms background management system

It is developed based on laravel 5.5, including content management and API services. (another repeating wheel)

Laracms is an amateur work produced in the process of learning laravel (web development practical advanced + practical architecture API server). It tries to quickly build a set of basic enterprise stations in a simple way, while retaining a very flexible expansion ability and elegant code way. Of course, these benefit from the excellent design of laravel. At the same time, laracms is also a good reference example for learning from laravel.

Use object

Laravel developers with a certain foundation are not ordinary webmasters.


Laracms background management system
Laracms background management system
Laracms background management system

The front-end logo of the layui used by the UI has not been changed in time. Please ignore it.

Mode of use

composer update
php artisan migrate
php artisan db:seed

After execution, you can access it (configure the virtual host first).

Note: the database should be configured first. The default user is: [email protected] / 123456


As laracms has not been developed yet. So use it carefully. Specific development documents will be supplemented later.

Currently completed functional modules:

  • user management
  • Authority management
  • Role management
  • Site information
  • Links
  • Column navigation
  • Classified management
  • Article management
  • Page management
  • Slide management
  • Wechat official account management (wechat interface has been developed and may need to be debugged)
  • Front end module (user part has not been completed yet)
  • Front end API

Note: please use the automatic code generation tool. The specific usage of make: laracms administrator is the same as that of make: scaffold.

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