Kwai launches a new explosion system for securities companies, and Netease’s Shufan stability guarantee scheme helps upgrade / Kwai launches a new explosion system, and how to upgrade the distributed technology base of securities companies


I believe everyone still remembers the “big move” of Kwai “Laotie” to squeeze and explode the securities brokerage system, which is enough for 666.
At the beginning of 2021, Kwai officially launched the offering, and the subscription situation was even hotter than predicted. After only 2 minutes of subscription, the financing limit of securities companies was almost snapped up, and there were tens of thousands of people waiting on the subscription page

“Fast hands” can’t grab Kwai

Let’s first review the whole process of the story. According to, the subscription began at 10:30 that day, and futu took the lead in releasing the HK $8billion financing line. In just four minutes, the remaining bank financing line was only HK $13400, while there were more than 40000 people waiting in line. 13 minutes later, the 8billion financing line of FTU securities on the first day was snapped up. Some investors also reported that they had just entered a securities firm Kwai to open a new page, and the securities firm system performed a “crash” on the spot, showing that the system was busy.

Kwai launches a new explosion system for securities companies, and Netease's Shufan stability guarantee scheme helps upgrade / Kwai launches a new explosion system, and how to upgrade the distributed technology base of securities companies

Subsequently, a relevant person from a securities firm confirmed to the media that the system had been in normal operation after the emergency repair by the technology department. However, the technical department is also analyzing the reasons for the downtime, “the relatively large transaction volume should be one of the reasons”. In fact, this is not an individual case. There are many customers in the brokerage system who report that they are stuck and often drop their lines, resulting in poor trading.

Why does the Kwai IPO cause the collapse of the brokerage system?

First of all, of course, Kwai itself belongs to the “net red” with its own traffic. Due to their different businesses, securities companies and banks are different in terms of scientific and technological capacity building. Once they encounter “online popularity” such as Kwai, it is reasonable to fail to defeat the high enthusiasm of investors when opening a new page.

Netease ShufanFinancial solutionsAccording to experts’ analysis, the main reason lies in the insufficient construction of the stability guarantee system of the margin trading system. If the overall capacity of the current system can be accurately evaluated before the traffic peak is reached, the strength dependence of the core link can be grasped, and the corresponding service governance strategies, such as flow restriction and degradation, can be matched, which can effectively avoid the risk of blocking orders caused by the large turnover of transactions. Finally, even if the system goes down, it can be recovered according to the established emergency plan to ensure the availability of the system to the greatest extent.

It is understood that Kwai released tiger securities with a total financing amount of 7.6 billion on the same day, prepared the system capacity according to twice the number of ants’ subscription in advance, and finally withstood the pressure. The total subscription amount of FTU securities exceeded HK $16billion, and the number of subscribers exceeded 92000, making the pressure even greater.

In view of this situation, it is recommended to introduce a distributed technology architecture verified by the Internet to realize the horizontal expansion and contraction of the architecture. Then, on the base of the distributed architecture, build a complete set of stability assurance system, including service governance, capacity assessment, fault governance, etc. However, the construction of these infrastructure capabilities and guarantee systems requires the cooperation of basic software to deal with complex technical problems, which is not the core business of securities companies.

“Three ways of maintaining stability” make the securities business system not afraid of online success

Counting sails in NeteaseFinancial solutionsAccording to experts, providing a comprehensive stability guarantee scheme through three measures: service governance, capacity assessment and fault governance, starting from two aspects: prevention in advance and response in the event, is an effective solution to enable the securities trader system to obtain the endogenous large concurrent transaction processing capacity, deal with the explosion of sudden traffic, and ensure the digital business service experience. Netease Shufan with the help of its flagCanoeAnd easy to test product capabilities to integrate solutions that can still guarantee the digital business service experience in the explosion of sudden traffic.

In terms of service governance,Light boat micro serviceIt provides a pluggable distributed capability framework to support the construction of stability assurance system, which means that the brokerage business system can obtain an advanced distributed technology base without major surgery, whether it is basic service registration / discovery, unified configuration and observability, medium-level current limiting, degradation, gray-scale release, or high-level full link marking, data isolation, fault injection, etc, Realize the dynamic management and control of the entire micro service application life cycle. The framework supports the one click hosting of open source spring cloud, Dubbo and grpc services. At the same time, it adopts the future oriented design and supports the smooth transition of securities business from the classic micro service framework to the future service grid through the unique agent+sidecar dual engine mode.

Kwai launches a new explosion system for securities companies, and Netease's Shufan stability guarantee scheme helps upgrade / Kwai launches a new explosion system, and how to upgrade the distributed technology base of securities companies

At the capacity assessment level,Netease ShufanAfter years of practical tests of Netease e-commerce business in August and November, the company has provided an online pressure test platform with full process automation. The pressure test model can cover more than 93% of user behavior. Through the four steps of rough capacity expansion in advance – multiple rounds of accurate capacity expansion – core service fine tuning – resource recovery, the pressure test results drive the coordination of resources, performance and traffic, so that securities companies can ensure the stability of the system at the lowest cost. The accuracy of the pressure measurement benefits from the transmission of the full link pressure measurement marks. At the same time, the ability of data isolation ensures that the pressure measurement process interferes with the normal response of the business.

For troubleshooting,Netease ShufanIt also provides complete solutions including plan management, fault management and fault drill, covering system level, application level, middleware level and customized faults, covering kubernetes, docker and microservices, and solving different problems from different levels.

It is understood that Netease Sufan financial solutions have been applied to a number of leading large state-owned banks, joint-stock banks and securities companies in China to help these companies successfully carry out digital business and seize the first opportunity in the competition in the new era.