Kuguayun classroom (Tencent cloud version) v1 4.0 release, free commercial, open source money expert



Update content

  • Add user-defined alias access to a single page
  • Add comment function to answer
  • Top navigation micro chat add switch control
  • Update the default ICP filing link to
  • Correct the type declaration of fields in some model definitions
  • Too many optimization chapters lead to the problem that the page is too long
  • Optimize the logic and interaction related to the front-end part of comments
  • Optimize the 403 error page and use forward instead of redirect
  • Optimize the extension check with querystring in the playback address
  • Fixed the problem of unbinding the third login 500
  • Fixed the problem that the teacher taught the course unfiltered and deleted the course
  • Fixed Consulting Editor 500 error
  • Fix restore in background list_ The URL does not define a problem

Kuguayun classroom (Tencent cloud version) v1 4.0 release, free commercial, open source money expert

Project introduction

Kuguayun classroom, relying on Tencent cloud infrastructure, is developed with C extension framework Phalcon and gpl-2.0 open source protocol. It is committed to open source online class system, open source online school system and open source knowledge payment system.

system function

It has realized on-demand, live broadcast, column, face-to-face teaching, members, groups, points, second kill, etc. it is a 100% true open source online education solution, which can be used commercially for free.

Managed warehouse


Open source assistance

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