Kuguayun classroom (Tencent cloud version) v1 3.6 release, open source online education solution



to update

  • Clean up unused references
  • Optimize interface and CSS Styles
  • Optimize the processing logic of video unable to obtain duration
  • Optimize video transcoding processing logic
  • Optimize the review mechanism of comments
  • Optimize the data update logic related to comments
  • Optimize articles, Q & A, comments, data update
  • Optimize the update logic of content labels
  • Optimize the jump judgment of home page H5
  • Optimize the browsing permission of a single page
  • Optimizing event methods in model
  • Optimized kg_ parse_ Summary function
  • Add a question and answer list to the user’s home page
  • Fix failed to close issue discussion
  • Fix edit group routing
  • Live broadcast removing flv mode streaming
  • xs. question. Ini join ignore list
  • kg_ Add comment to user table_ Count field

Project introduction

Kuguayun classroom, relying on Tencent cloud infrastructure, is developed with C extension framework Phalcon and gpl-2.0 open source protocol. It is committed to open source online class system, open source online school system and open source online education system.

system function

It realizes on-demand, live broadcast, column, face-to-face teaching, members, groups, points, second kill, etc. it is a 100% true open source online education solution, which can be used for free.

Managed warehouse


Open source assistance

It’s the only open source without castration in China. It’s not easy to open source without reservation. If it’s helpful to you, please give it to usSTAR !!!

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