Kuguayun classroom (Tencent cloud version) v1.3.0 release, open source online education solution



Update content

  • Add face-to-face teaching model to the course
  • Reconstruct foreground group member management
  • Add group member management in the background
  • Reconstruct the data structure of order storage commodity details
  • Adjust UI such as user and group list

Project introduction

Kugua cloud classroom, relying on Tencent cloud infrastructure, is developed with C extension framework Phalcon, gpl-2.0 open source protocol and 100% open source online education solution.

system function

It realizes on-demand, live broadcast, column, face-to-face teaching, members, groups, integral mall, second kill, etc. it has full functions, no castration, and can be used out of the box.

Managed warehouse


Open source assistance

It’s not easy to open source without reservation. If it helps you, please give it to usSTAR !!!