Kuguayun classroom (Tencent cloud version) V1.2.2 release


Kuguayun classroom (Tencent cloud version) V1.2.2 release

After two weeks of iterative development, the V1.2.2 version of kuguayun classroom was preliminarily completed.


  • Login account wechat reminder
  • Wechat reminder of successful purchase
  • Wechat reminder of successful refund
  • Start live wechat reminder
  • Consultation reply wechat reminder
  • Consultation reply SMS reminder


  • The chapter was created, and the associated table data was not generated
  • Create a group without generating max_ im_ group_ ID cache
  • The course classification list does not filter out the content of help classification
  • Error in creating role field routes MySQL text type
  • Low quality video cannot be played
  • Missing permissions in background

Project introduction

Kuguayun classroom, relying on Tencent cloud infrastructure, is developed with C extension framework Phalcon and gpl-2.0 open source protocol. It is committed to open source online class system, open source online school system and open source online education system.

system function

It realizes on-demand, live broadcast, column, member, micro chat, etc

Managed warehouse

Online experience

Friendly tips:

  • The system configuration is low (1 core 1g 1m runs multiple containers), and pressure measurement is not allowed
  • The course data comes from the Internet (no substantive content). Don’t buy it
  • Data submission has been prohibited in the management background, and private configuration has been filtered

Demo account:13507083515 / 123456(common to front and rear console)

Desktop presentation:

Payment process demonstration:

Tips: to test the payment process, please register a new account with your mobile phone number so that you can receive the order notice and avoid that the course cannot be purchased

Project components

Installation guide

Development plan

  • Desktop: in progress
  • Mobile terminal: in progress
  • Applet: to be started


What can you learn from this project?

  • Project planning, Phalcon, cache, JWT, instant messaging, full text retrieval
  • docker,supervisor,devops
  • git,linux,php,mysql,redis,nginx

Is the code encrypted?

All codes are public (except for authorized codes, such as layim), and there are no so-called commercial versions and paid plug-ins.

Open source assistance

It’s not easy to open source without reservation. If it helps you, please give it to usSTAR !!!

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