Kuguayun classroom (Tencent cloud version) v1.2.0 release, GPL protocol start again


Kuguayun classroom (Tencent cloud version) v1.2.0 release, GPL protocol start again

After a month of iterative development, the v1.2.0 version of kuguayun classroom is finally preliminarily completed. This update fixes the problems in previous versions. The most important thing is to complete the API required by the client. In the future, H5 mobile terminal, applet and app client can be released one after another.

Another major change is the change of the use protocol. The original custom protocol is changed to the common gpl2.0 protocol,It is no longer what netizens jokingly call the “false open source” of hanging sheep’s head and selling dog meat.

Project introduction

Kuguayun classroom, relying on Tencent cloud infrastructure, is developed with C extension framework Phalcon and gpl-2.0 open source protocol. It is committed to open source online class system, open source online school system and open source online education system.

system function

It realizes on-demand, live broadcast, column, member, micro chat, etc. it is a complete product. I don’t want to write a lot of specific functions. Let’s experience it by myself!

Managed warehouse

Online experience

Friendly tips:

  • The system configuration is low (1 core 1g 1m runs multiple containers), and pressure measurement is not allowed
  • The course data comes from the Internet (no substantive content). Don’t buy it
  • Data submission has been prohibited in the management background, and private configuration has been filtered

Demo account:13507083515 / 123456(common to front and rear console)

Desktop presentation:

Mobile terminal demonstration:

Kuguayun classroom (Tencent cloud version) v1.2.0 release, GPL protocol start again

Payment process demonstration:

Tips: to test the payment process, please register a new account with your mobile phone number so that you can receive the order notice and avoid that the course cannot be purchased

Project components

Installation guide

Development plan

  • Desktop: in progress
  • Mobile terminal: in progress
  • Applet: to be started


What can you learn from this project?

  • Project planning, Phalcon, cache, JWT, instant messaging, full text retrieval
  • docker,supervisor,devops
  • git,linux,php,mysql,redis,nginx

Is there an alicloud version?

In the Alibaba cloud version plan, the previous Alibaba cloud service expired without renewal, so the Tencent cloud version comes out first.

Is the code encrypted?

All codes are public (except for authorized codes, such as layim), and there are no so-called commercial versions and paid plug-ins.

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