Kugua cloud online course (Tencent cloud version) v1.0.0-beta1 released


Project introduction

Kugua cloud classroom, relying on Tencent cloud infrastructure service architecture, adopts the C extension framework Phalcon development, committed to network education software.

system function

It has realized VOD, live broadcast, column, member, micro chat, etc. it is a complete product. I don’t want to write a lot of specific functions. I can experience it myself!

Account number:[email protected]/123456 (front and rear common)

Friendly tips:

  • The system configuration is low (1 core 1g 1m runs multiple containers), do not pressure test
  • The course data comes from the Internet (no substantial content), so don’t buy it
  • Data submission has been prohibited in the management background, and the private configuration has been filtered

Project components

Usage agreement

Although I have tried to understand the open source protocol, but the understanding is ambiguous, simply use your own protocol.

1. This system belongs to strong business type, and is not a general class library framework, so it is not suitable to be derived and released again.

2. On the premise of retaining our copyright logo, users can modify it to meet their own needs, which can be used for commercial purposes.

3. Limited community support, users are responsible for their own behavior.

Installation guide

Development plan

  • Desktop: in progress
  • Mobile terminal: to be started
  • Applet: to be started


Join us

This is an entrepreneurial project with limited personal ability and energy. We should take into account product planning and development, and deal with many trivial matters. At present, there is a maker space in Nanshan Science and technology parkFront end students in ShenzhenJoin us.

Contact email:[email protected]

What can be learned through this project?

  • Project planning, Phalcon, caching, JWT, instant messaging, full text search
  • docker,supervisor,devops
  • git,linux,php,mysql,redis,nginx

Do you have an alicloud version?

In the Alibaba cloud version planning, the previous alicloud service expired without renewal, so Tencent cloud version comes out first.

Is the code encrypted?

All code is public (except for authorization code, such as layim), and there are no so-called commercial versions and paid plug-ins.

Is there a commercial service?

Survival leads to development. Our current services include:

  • System installation
  • System customization
  • Enterprise authorization

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