Kubesphere community solicitation notes


Kubesphere community has been committed to preaching cloud native technology. By organizing offline meetup and regular online technology live broadcasts, kubesphere community has output a lot of wonderful technology sharing content. In addition, the community has also produced many high-quality technical articles, up to hundreds in 2021 alone. These shared contents cover container, micro service, multi cloud and multi cluster, service grid, database, storage and other fields, helping nearly 100 enterprises to implement k8s and cloud native related technologies in the development, testing and production environment.

Most of these high-quality articles come from community users, including best practices, project deployment and installation tutorials, and practical problem solving.

In 2022, kubesphere community will continue to output high-quality content to help community users land on cloud native technology faster. This process is inseparable from the joint participation of all community users. Therefore, the community started soliciting contributions again.

Once the article is hired, you can get a commemorative gift around kubesphere (free mail). If you also want to obtain other types of awards, you can put forward your needs to us. We will judge according to the specific situation, and the reasonable requirements can be met.


In addition, in order to help you interested in writing to complete a high-quality article more quickly, the community specially prepared article templates, article typesetting tutorials, easy-to-use tool recommendations, etc.

Submission content

  1. Problem solving record

If you encounter a complex problem in the process of using kubesphere, and it is finally solved through a series of processes, you can put it in writing.

Such articles should include: basic environment, cause and effect of the problem, solution ideas and steps of the problem, and pit avoidance methods.

Note: the problem needs to be representative and has not appeared in the community or has no specific solution. It is best to have pictures and texts.

As a guide to avoiding pits, such articles are deeply loved and concerned by users in the community. If you have encountered a difficult and representative problem and finally solved it, you can sort out and record this valuable experience and experience to help others avoid the pit. You can refer to this typical article“Sudden istio production accident at 12 a.m.! The operation was as fierce as a tiger”

  1. Project deployment article

This type of article specifically refers to the process of deploying an open source project in kubesphere. This type of article can help the majority of kubernetes users to build some experimental and exploratory open source cloud native projects faster and more conveniently, and also show the rich platform capabilities of kubesphere in multiple directions.

You can refer to the article template prepared by the community——Deploying open source projects on kubesphere

In addition to the article template, you can also refer to the following articles:

  1. Best practices (user stories)

If your company has already applied kubesphere in the production environment, you are very welcome to share your practical experience and help other enterprise users quickly implement kubesphere and other cloud native technologies.

You can refer to the article template——Best practice article template

In addition to the template, the community has several excellent best practice articles for your reference:

Note: of course, the above three types of articles are only typical among them. You can also write other types of technical articles in the cloud native field. As long as you meet the requirements, you can also be employed.

Article typesetting tutorial and tool recommendation

There are many specifications that should be paid attention to in the typesetting of technical articles. Kubesphere community has always followed these specifications, such as the specification of mixed Chinese and English typesetting.

We wrote an articleTechnical article writing guideFor reference, make you more standardized in the article format. In addition, this tutorial will teach you how to write and recommend some easy-to-use tools, such as the editing tool for markdown format content, the screenshot tool, the one click typesetting tool, and so on.

Sharp tools make good work. I hope this tutorial and related tools can make you get twice the result with half the effort in technical content creation.

Manuscript requirements

  1. Individual original Chinese articles (non starter) or translated articles authorized by the original author
  2. Different from the existing content of the community
  3. Provide author information (not required) – name, company, position, personal profile, photo, etc. (optional)

Submission method

  1. Send the article in markdown format as an attachment to the mailbox [email protected] And indicate the contribution in the title
  2. Publish article toforum, and then contact the person in charge of solicitation
  3. Contact the person in charge of solicitation directly

Person in charge of soliciting contributions: yangchuansheng, wechat cloud native Yang; Zhaofawei, wechat zhaofawei26

Release channels and rewards

Once the manuscript is hired by us, it will be published to the official account and the official websiteTechnology blogperhapsCase studySection, all rights reserved by kubesphere.

Reward: kubesphere peripheral gifts (see the beginning of the article for details).

Special award: if you have written more than three kubesphere related technical articles in one year and have never won the ambassador Certificate Award from the community, you can get the ambassador honor award this year.

In this article, I would like to thank a number of Ambassdor and community contributors (in no particular order), who have produced a number of high-quality articles: Zhang Haili, Yin min, Zousheng, Zhang Yanying, Li Shuai, etc.
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