Kotlin will support wasm-wasm weekly report 1014 with the combination of 64 bit wasm, wasm FAAS, wasm and AI


Editor’s note: first, webassembly has been making great efforts in the fields of serverless and cloud computing. We have seen the application of 64 bit webassembly, serverless based on webassembly, and webassembly in the field of AI. ​


64 bit webassembly

Memory64 of 64 bit webassembly is being implemented step by step! 64 bit CPU is the mainstream today. Memory64 provides more available memory space for the webassembly virtual machine. It is very suitable for server applications.

Second state publishes serverless FAAS based on webassembly

Kotlin will support wasm-wasm weekly report 1014 with the combination of 64 bit wasm, wasm FAAS, wasm and AI
Second state function as a service (FAAS) is a high performance server less service. It supports the rust programming language, where rust is a first-class citizen. Based on webassembly, second state FAAS starts and runs faster than virtual machines or container-based alternatives. It is ideal for computing intensive applications such as media processing, data analysis and edge AI / tensorflow applications.

The second state FAAS is still in the testing phase. During the test period, the rust function as a service can be deployed and used for free. No registration, no credit card. Create a static web page and use FAAS as a back-end service.Come and have a try.

AI services provided by webassembly

Over the past two weeks, we’ve seen two ways to run AI models through web assembly.One is to compress tensorflow model and compile it into wasm programThe other is to raiseCommand API for similar WasiTo run tensorflow model natively on GPU. Which method do you like!

Kotlin beckons to webassembly

Kotlin is one of the most popular programming languages for mobile application development. This new roadmap previews webassembly compilation goals and improved support for writing server-side applications.

Collision Galaxy simulation using rust, threejs and webassembly

Kotlin will support wasm-wasm weekly report 1014 with the combination of 64 bit wasm, wasm FAAS, wasm and AI

Use rust, threejs, and webassembly to create a colliding Galaxy simulation. Colliding galaxies produce black holes. Create your work and see what this year’s Nobel Prize is. 🙂

Improving webassembly and its tools

The first major version of webassembly focused on browsers. Webassembly now extends its focus beyond browsers. The vision of webassembly is to become a cross platform language and portable binary format on many platforms. In this article, we discuss the topic of server-side webassembly with Nick fizgerald of wasmtime.

Apache’s TVM deep learning compiler uses webassembly and has better rust support

Apache TVM is a compiler stack for deep learning systems. TVM 0.7 adds support for webgpu and webassembly.

Compile and run go program to webassembly

This is a comprehensive tutorial that will guide you through the whole process of creating a go program, making asynchronous network calls from go, compiling it into a webassembly, and running it in a web browser. It relies heavily on the browser’s JavaScript API to support operations such as network calls.

Three steps from JavaScript to webassembly

This article discusses how the mocrio storytelling platform enhances performance through the webassembly in the browser. The results show that the client performance is 65% higher than before, the size of JS file is reduced by 60%, and the code base becomes more tidy. At the same time, the responsibilities of assemblescript and JavaScript are obviously separated.

A complete guide to webassembly and its JavaScript API

This article shows us how to integrate webassembly with JavaScript through JavaScript webassembly API.

Rust news

Rust 1.47.0 released

The compiler now supports features on arrays of any length. This is very useful for rust crite on machine learning and AI. These algorithms always use large high-dimensional arrays.

Portable SIMD supported by rust

Rust is determined to become a high-performance, hardware optimized computing language. SIMD support in the new generation CPU is essential.

High performance mjml template engine

Mjml is a markup language for writing responsive e-mail. The rust project converts mjml content into HTML, which can then be used in the body of an email. Of course, it can also be used in webassembly!

Eventualy: the event source of rust

Eventualy released v0.4.0. New features:

  • More detailed documentation
  • Publish and subscribe to events submitted in memory and in the event store supported by Postgres
  • Support event subscription and projection. Read optimization (materialized view) with almost real time and optimal locking

Rust encounters the collision of web programming paradigm

This paper analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of rust and JavaScript on the web. He concluded that rust and webassembly on the web will have a bright future.

Rust after honeymoon

Two years ago, Bryan cantrill wrote about how he fell in love with rust. Today, two years later, his enthusiasm remains the same. Read his latest blog post to see why experienced rust developers are keen to contribute code to using and liking the rust language.

Memory safe curl written by rust

Curl program is probably one of the most commonly used utilities in the era of Web API. Its creators now make it memory safe by rewriting it with rust.


Full stack serverless Manifesto

Nader dabit of AWS released a declaration of the future of end-to-end applications based on the serverless paradigm. Serverless = FaaS + BaaS。 The future of serverless is bright!

Why does the serverless revolution stagnate

As early as 2006, serverless planned to lead the new era of cloud computing, but it has not yet been realized.

The author thinks that the following four factors have influenced the serverless revolution

1. Support limited programming language
2. Supplier binding
3. Performance
4. Unable to run the whole application

The author thinks that no server should not be regarded as a substitute for server. What’s your opinion?

Compare Amazon cloud, Google and Microsoft’s serverless

According to the following four criteria, make the right choice between different server free providers:

  • Cost,
  • Easy to integrate,
  • The number of services as event sources and destinations,
  • Industry adoption indicators,

The future of serverless

This article introduces the future of serverless, and the ability that serverless can be directly applied to production without server will continue to improve. At the same time, serverless also has great potential to cover other scenarios. The industry predicts that no server will become the default computing platform by 2025.

Kotlin will support wasm-wasm weekly report 1014 with the combination of 64 bit wasm, wasm FAAS, wasm and AI

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