Knowledge database


1、 Knowledge database

1.1 why learn database

  1. Job demand

  2. Big data Era

  3. Forced demand: save data

  4. Database is the core of all software systems DBA


1.2. What is a database

database (DB,DataBase)

Concept: data warehouse,Software, installed on the operating system (window, Linux, MAC, etc.) Above

Function: store and manage data


DBMS (database management system)

  • Database management software, scientific and effective management of our data. Maintain and obtain data

  • Mysql, data management system


1.3 database classification

Relational database:(SQL)

  • MySQL,Oracle,Sql Service,DB2,SQLlite

  • Data is stored through the relationship between tables and between rows and columns

Non relational database:(NoSQL)Not Only {key : value}

  • Redis,MongDB

  • Object storage

  • It is determined by the properties of the object itself



1.4 introduction to MySQL

MySQL is aRelational database management system

Predecessor: Swedish MySQL AB Company

Bensheng: a product of Oracle

Open source database software

Small size, fast speed and low cost (recruitment cost)

Small and medium-sized websites or large websites (clusters)

Official website: