King of Everest: what did you say at the blockchain Conference on November 29?


The king said:

On November 8-9, the second world blockchain conference was held in Wuzhen Internet International Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of this conference is “boundless application”. The three Internet giants, three operators giants, two communication giants and the top enterprises in blockchain field are all present.

The total number of participants in the summit exceeded 11000, and there were more than 30 surrounding activities. The online exposure of articles reached 13.5 million times, and the official live viewing was 1.2 million.

But since October 25, when the bitrate soared by 40%, the relevant information has suddenly increased, and a large part of it belongs to the bad air. For a while, the panic of “cold winter” will come. At the same time, the decline of the currency price all the way aggravates the spread of this worry. Therefore, this summit did not attract more attention in the first time.

There is an obvious perceptible trend in this summit, that is, the accelerated implementation of blockchain technology. In this trend, practitioners are divided into two groups.

One is the Internet companies represented by bat. They are used to looking for landing scenarios in the existing real industry and using blockchain technology to help the transformation and upgrading of the real industry.

The other is the blockchain technology start-up companies, which are better at the underlying technology, so they will try to avoid the direct competition with the giants, and take the scenes such as entering the game with relatively low threshold and the defi (decentralized Finance) that the giants haven’t been involved in as the starting point.

Although blockchain has been born for 10 years, it is still in the “ignorant” state. With the continuous maturity of blockchain technology, the pace of exploring the frontier of science and technology has never stopped. Some of them have been applied in reality:

1. Privacy calculation. Nowadays, the leakage of personal privacy has become a cancer. How to better protect privacy has become a public topic. Privacy computing can ensure that all data parties do not know “the whole” or “the whole” does not know “the part”.

2. Zero knowledge proof. This feature can be used as privacy protection, so it is more popular.

3. Smart contract. At present, the limitation of smart contract is that it can only trigger the data on the chain and cannot connect with the data off the chain. How to break through the barriers above and below the chain is the next goal.

4. Cross chain technology. At present, each type of blockchain platform is an isolated ecological island, and cross chain technology is a bridge that enables them to connect with each other.

5. Distributed digital identity. In the era of mobile Internet, WeChat and Alipay have become the real entrance of Chinese access to the digital world. Then in the new world of blockchain construction and evolution, distributed digital identity must also be an entrance, an entrance no longer monopolized by an enterprise or institution.

6, 5G. Although both of them are still in their own ways so far, the goal of 5g and blockchain is to change the mode of social digital ecology. Therefore, it is inevitable for the two to merge. At the same time, blockchain also helps communication operators improve their own value.

7, AI. Blockchain can ensure the authenticity of AI analysis, and if there are corresponding data problems in AI analysis, data can be traced through blockchain. So the two are complementary.

Although blockchain has experienced 10 years of development and made many breakthroughs, it is still in its infancy in the whole blockchain world. It needs not only watchtower, but also watchman.

As stated in the 2019 Wuzhen blockchain declaration:

“Human beings are in the era of great migration, moving from the real world to the virtual world. The emergence of blockchain is an important step for the virtual world to become the real world.

Blockchain, originated from technology exploration, rises in landing application. After ten years of development, exploration and progress have been made, but a new round of breakthroughs and leaps are urgently needed. Blockchain needs more rethinking, exploration and departure. “

After the rebound and breakthrough of the previous day, the overall performance of the market was flat yesterday, maintaining high consolidation, and the short-term trend was narrow range shock. As far as the long term is concerned, it is still in the trend of short position, but the downward trend is temporarily stagnant. Whether the future market can continue to rebound needs to be further verified by the market.


King of Everest: what did you say at the blockchain Conference on November 29?

After entering the descent channel, bitcoin currently hovers in the middle of the channel and vibrates, and runs along the 4-hour MA60 average.

Technical analysis shows that the 7450-7650 is a short-term consolidation platform formed in the previous decline process, and there is a slight downward movement of the current range to 7400.

7400 is the neck line of the triple bottom of bitcoin. It can be said that it is the most important dividing line of the current long space. If you hold 7400, you will still have the possibility of turning bull; if you fall below 7400, you will return to the downward trend.

The upper 7750 is the resistance of the downward passage. Only when the currency price breaks through here and stands at 8000 points, can it completely get rid of the influence of the previous decline.

In addition, the bit is also affected by the message side, and the short-term negative will not dissipate quickly. Therefore, it is normal for the bit to fall back many times during the rebound process, which will have a certain adverse impact on the operation.

In today’s white market stage, the radicals are below 7400, long near 7350, and conservatives are below 7300 to follow up; or short near 7700.

At present, the pattern of short position strength has changed, but short position still has certain advantages in the general trend. Therefore, although the operation idea is mainly low, it is not allowed to re position and chase single.


King of Everest: what did you say at the blockchain Conference on November 29?

Ethereum has been weak in the previous rising process, and the sense of weakness after entering the resistance range of 150-155 is more obvious. At the same time, an earlier downward trend line also suppressed the rebound of the currency price.

On the 4-hour chart, yesterday’s trading volume further declined, the trend line and average line overlapped near 155, and the pressure on the top was even heavier. Therefore, the operation should be based on high altitude.

In today’s white market operation, the radicals can short their positions near 155; the conservatives can long their positions when the price falls below 145 and near 140.


King of Everest: what did you say at the blockchain Conference on November 29?

The short lines of the Rayleigh wave are arranged around the 0.2250 axis.

Although the short-term line has stabilized, it is still a short strong market for a long time. You can continue to pay attention to 0.23 above, which is the axis position of the resistance range of 0.2250-0.2350, and also the high point of the rebound in early today’s market. But it is not ruled out in the day that the bottom may rebound again.

In terms of operation, those who are interested can short above 0.2250. Otherwise, it will be ignored and will not affect anything.


King of Everest: what did you say at the blockchain Conference on November 29?

Grapefruit short-term pressure 2.7, yesterday there were signs of far away from the resistance, on the surface, short head seems to be much stronger.

At present, 2.4-2.7 is still a large range of grapefruit shocks, but with the gradual upward movement of the low price, if the resistance cannot be broken through in a short term, the fluctuation range will continue to narrow.

Although Grapefruit’s short-term rhythm has reversed the previous decline, it is still very difficult to continue to rise without completely getting rid of the influence of short positions. In the intra day period, it is expected to go out of the market that has bottomed out and recovered.

On the white board operation, you can short the light position near 2.7, or long when it falls to 2.5 or below.


King of Everest: what did you say at the blockchain Conference on November 29?

Bitcash short line has stood at 215, but it has stopped rising. Instead, it is under the pressure of the 4-hour Ma 60 average line and is running along the average line.

After BCH broke through the 190-215 range, the upper short-term resistance was near 230. Besides 215 supports, 190 is the most important one.

At present, the short position is still strong, and the upper pressure is heavy. The radical can consider short positions above 223; the conservative can make short positions between 210-205.


King of Everest: what did you say at the blockchain Conference on November 29?

In recent years, both Wright and bitcash are close, but the overall strength is weaker.

But yesterday are mainly to concussion decline, out of the pressure drop market. There is a slight rebound in the morning today, and the resistance from the top is getting farther and farther. In the short term, the pressure from the top will be heavier and heavier.

On the technical side, 49-50 is the most critical resistance range at present, and the 4-hour chart MA60 will be incorporated into this range, which will further aggravate the resistance effect of the range.

The trend in the day is slightly downward, with extremely light positions available near the radicals 48.50 and light positions near the Conservatives 45

The points involved in the article are for reference only. Secondly, there is timeliness in market view, which will be adjusted at any time due to the adjustment of market operation. There are risks in investment, so we need to be cautious in speculation.

Thank you for your long-term support to the king of coins. I wish you rich!