Keil uvision4 installation, sinicization and cracking graphic detailed tutorial (with download)


keil uvision4Is a very excellent and authoritative SCM development tools. It has editing, compiling, simulation and other functions, and also provides a complete development scheme including library management, macro assembly, C compiler, connector and simulation debugger, which can be combined in one environment. In addition, it can fully support the latest ARM chip, and introduces a flexible window management system, which can help developers with multiple monitors. From the software interface, the interface is neat and orderly, and the function is clear at a glance, which is very convenient. Provided by software schoolKeil uvision4 cracked versionDownload, and also with Chinese package and registration machine, users in need can download trial Oh!

Software name:
Keil uvision4 Special Edition v4.22
Software size:
Update time:
2014-01-27Download now

Keil uvision4 installation, sinicization and cracking tutorial:

1、 Installation tutorial

1. Download the compressed software package in this site, unzip it, double-click “mdk412. Exe” in the run, and click “next” to start installing the software.

2. Check “I agree…..” to accept the license agreement.

3. Select the installation directory.

4. Fill in the registered name, registered company and other information.

5. Start installing the software, just a moment.

6. After the installation is completed, it will be fine by default. You don’t need to modify it. Click “finish”.

2、 Chinese Course

Let’s make it Chinese first, so that we can crack it better later. Copy the two files under the “Chinese package” folder in the installation package to the installation directory of the software, and replace the original files. The default installation directory is C: / / keil / uv4.

3、 Cracking tutorial

1. Open the software and click “file” – “authorization management”.

2. You’ll get a computer called CID.

3. Open “keil” under the “register machine” folder in the installation package_ Lic.exe ”Register machine, copy the CID to register machine, target select “arm”, and then click “generate” to generate a series of authorization codes.

4. Copy and paste the generated authorization code to the authorization page of the software.

5. Click “add authorization”, and a prompt like this will appear, indicating that the cracking is successful. The software can be used until 2020. If it expires later, you can still use this method to crack.

The end of the tutorial, the above is about keil uvision4 installation, sinicization and cracking graphic detailed tutorial (with download) all the content, need friends quickly download cracking use it!