Kali reset root password


Like this, the root password of Kali system has been forgotten. It takes only one minute to quickly reset the root password


Step 1:

After the computer is powered on, Kali system will enter the boot interface. This is that we only need to “e” to enter the pre boot editing command (if this page does not appear in the system, you can press the up and down keys continuously to prevent the system from starting normally, so as to enter the boot interface)


Step 2: after entering the edit command interface before startup, find out the following contents and modify them:

Change RO to RW

And add: init = / bin / Bash

Then press Ctrl + X or F10 to boot


Step 3: enter the passwd root command in the command interface to reset the root password

After entering the password twice, the system prompts password updated successfully to indicate that the password reset is successful! (Note: for the sake of password security, the system will not display characters when entering the password)


Step 4: exit the command line and restart the Kali system,

Enter the password you just reset to enter the system.

So, is such a simple root password reset operation comfortable.