Kafka didn’t write anything


1 Kafka concept
A distributed message queue with high performance, persistence, multi copy backup and horizontal expansion. Producers write messages to the queue, and consumers take messages from the queue for business logic.
1.1 Kafka’s way of reading and sending messages
Kafka uses the concept of topic externally. Producers write messages to topics, and consumers read messages from them. In order to achieve horizontal expansion, a topic is actually composed of multiple partitions. When encountering bottlenecks, you can increase the number of partitions to expand horizontally. Within a single partition, messages are ordered.

1.2 topic, division, group
The topic tag is actually a queue;

1.3 KafkaProducer

1.4 how to copy backups between Kafka nodes?
1.5 will Kafka messages be lost? Why?
1.6 what is the most reasonable configuration of Kafka?
1.7 what is Kafka’s leader election mechanism?
1.8 what are the requirements of Kafka for hardware configuration?
1.9 how to guarantee Kafka messages?
Why did 10kafka lose the message?

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