Just assembled desktop computer found that the mouse and keyboard can not be used, how to do?


A user just assembled a new computer, boot found that the keyboard inserted into the computer can not be used, at first thought that the computer crashed, the new computer keyboard can not be used, but the mouse can be used normally, many people think again whether the wrong connection or the new keyboard is bad? Wrong connection, generally the new hand should not be wrong, the color is right, the plastic part of the keyboard interface is generally purple, mouse Mark as green, corresponding to the color on the motherboard. If there is no wrong connection, most people will contact the seller. Today, computer knowledge learning net helps you to solve the reason why the computer doesn’t respond when you plug in the new keyboard.

PS2 round port interface + USB2.0 Interface

How to do if the computer doesn’t respond to the new keyboard?

Computer knowledge learning network editor: the probability of hardware problems is relatively small, the new computer keyboard can not be used,98% of the possibility is that you are connected in sequence. You turn on the computer first, and then connect the keyboard and mouse. Most of the keyboards on the market are USB mouse + PS2 keyboard. The PS2 device needs to be connected to the computer host before it is turned on. If you connect the keyboard after it is turned on, you can restart the system. If the mouse and keyboard are all connected with PS2 interface , restart on the hostIf not, you can contact the seller.

Keyboard no response, is the lack of a driver

The newly assembled computer keyboard didn’t respond, or maybe it was lack of driver. This is generally a special game keyboard or mechanical keyboard. We can go to the official website of the keyboard business to download the driver and re install it. Or use the driver management software to detect and install the driver. Take driver life as an example, double-click to run and click “peripheral driver” to automatically detect or install.

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