Judging the quality of American advanced anti DDoS servers depends on three points!


Common network attacks such as CC and DDoS are mostly bandwidth resource consuming attacks. Therefore, the computer room providing advanced anti DDoS servers needs to have enough bandwidth to deal with such attacks. This is one of the main methods to identify whether it is an advanced anti DDoS server.


Second, the firewall defense capability of advanced anti DDoS servers in the United States

Any computer room that provides advanced defense servers will have firewall equipment with strong defense capability, which is generally at least 100g. It is reported that the defense capability of the cluster firewall in the highest high defense computer room has reached more than 480g. In providing single machine defense, you should have 10g~480g defense options.


Finally, the performance of advanced anti DDoS servers in the United States

In addition to bandwidth resource consuming network attacks, some network attacks use resource consuming attacks. For example, a large number of attack packets lead to the collapse of server memory, CPU and other resources, which requires the servers in the computer room to use servers with good performance, such as well-known servers such as Dell. Some small computer rooms may use unknown or even assembled servers, so users need to choose carefully. Dingdian network American advanced anti DDoS server all servers use brand servers with very stable and guaranteed performance.

In general, there are three main ways to judge the quality of advanced anti DDoS servers in the United States. Only the service providers that are guaranteed in the above three aspects are the ones we want to choose. If necessary, you can consult online customer service.

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