JS returns the code of the previous page and refresh


1. JavaScript returns to the previous page history. Go (- 1) and two pages: history. Go (- 2);
2. history.back().
3. Window. History. Forward() returns to the next page
4. Window.history.go
<a href=”j avascript:history.go (-1);”> Page up</a>
response.Write(“<script language=javascript>”)
response.Write(“if(! Confirm (‘finish task? ‘){ history.back();}”)
response.Write(“<script language=javascript>history.go(-1);</script>”)
<a href=”j avascript:history.go (-1);”> Page up</a>
Page Jump: onclick = “window. Location. A
Tips (JS reference JS)
<script type=text/javascript>
if (typeof SWFObject == “undefined”) {
document.write(‘<scr’ + ‘ipt type=”text/javascript” src=”/scripts/swfobject-1.5.js“></scr’ + ‘ipt>’);}
There are several methods for JavaScript to refresh the page
1    history.go(0)
2    location.reload()
3    location=location
4    location.assign(location)
5    document.execCommand(‘Refresh‘)
6    window.navigate(location)
7    location.replace(location)
8    document.URL=location.href
How to refresh the page automatically:
1. Automatic page refresh: add the following code to the < head > area
<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”20″> 
Among them, 20 refers to refresh the page every 20 seconds
2. Page auto jump: add the following code to the < head > area
<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”20;url=http://www.javaeye.com”> 
Among them, 20 fingers jump tohttp://www.javaeye.compage
3. The page automatically refreshes JS version
<script language=”JavaScript”>
function myrefresh()
setTimeout(‘myrefresh()’,1000); // Specify refresh every 1 second
How to output script statement of refreshing parent window in asp.net
1.   this.response.write(“<script>opener.location.reload();</script>”);
2.   this.response.write(“<script>opener.window.location.href = opener.window.location.href;</script>”);
three    Response. Write (“< script language = javascript > opener. Window. Navigate (”page you want to refresh. ASP ”)</ script>”)
JS refresh framework script statement
//How to refresh the page containing the frame
<script language=JavaScript>
//Child window refreshes the parent window
<script language=JavaScript>
(or < A avascript:opener.location.reload () “> refresh</a>    )
//How to refresh the page of another frame
<script language=JavaScript>
   Parent. Another frameid. Location. Reload();
If you want to refresh when you close the window or refresh when you want to open the window, you can call the following statements in <body>.
< body onload = “opener. Location. Reload()” > refresh when opening window
< body onunload = “opener. Location. Reload()” > refresh on close
<script language=”javascript”>

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