Jmeter signs HTTP messages through BeanShell


1. Increase the pre-beanshell script

Jmeter signs HTTP messages through BeanShell

2. Beanshell script points

  • By introducing external jar packages and referring to relevant signature algorithms, such as rsa, ecdsa, etc.
  • Get the JSON body to send the request through getArgument (0). getValue () of the config. Arguments class. Calling external jar package method to perform Sha and other operations
  • RMV and add operations of HTTP header

3. Beanshell code sample

import com.matrix.common.service.SignatureService;
import org.apache.jmeter.protocol.http.control.Header;
import org.apache.jmeter.config.Arguments;

// Get the signature header
public static String getSign(String contentSHA, String date,String nonce ){
    String privateKey = vars.get("privateKey");
    String method = "GET";
    String accept = vars.get("accept");
    String contentType = vars.get("contentType");
    String nonceHeader = "x-bfs-signature-nonce:"+nonce;
    String url = vars.get("createRfqOrderUrl");
    // Call the signature method of SignatureService in the jar package for signature
    String signature = SignatureService.sign(privateKey,method,accept,contentSHA, contentType, date, nonceHeader, url);
    return  signature;

// Adding signature-related header parameters before sending requests
public static void addHeaders( ){
    // Increased Date Head
    String date = (new Date()).toString();
    sampler.getHeaderManager().add(new Header("Date",date));
    // Increase nonce head
    String nonce = "550e8400e29b41d4a716446655440000";
    sampler.getHeaderManager().add(new Header("x-bfs-signature-nonce",nonce));
    // Getting JSON body by getArgument method
    Arguments arguments = sampler.getArguments();
    String content = arguments.getArgument(0).getValue();"content="+content);
    // Increase Content-SHA256 Heads
    String contentSHA =      SignatureService.getContentSHA256(content);"contentSHA="+contentSHA);
    sampler.getHeaderManager().add(new Header("Content-SHA256",contentSHA));
    // Adding signature header
    String signature = getSign(contentSHA,date,nonce);
    sampler.getHeaderManager().add(new Header("Authorization","bfs "+ vars.get("accessKeyId") +":"+signature));