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Titodata: professional short video data acquisition and processing platform.

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Massive data collection
Collect 500 million pieces of data for customers every day
Tiktok Kwai: covering the mainstream platform: TikTok, Zynn, YouTube, jitter, fast, 1688, little red book, lots of Taobao, American group, hungry, Taobao, micro-blog

Interface: live broadcast query

Request API

Http: // host address / Douyin / liveroom / status? Token = XXX & room_ id=6843198199583378191,6872323400263797518

Request method



field type explain
token string Interface authorization code
room_id int Live Room ID

Back to example

  "code": 200,
  "data": {
    "data": [
        "alive": false,
        "room_id": 6843198199583378191
        "alive": true,
        "room_id": 6872323400263797518
    "extra": {
      "now": 1600096174925
    "status_code": 0
  "msg": "success"

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