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Titodata: professional short video data acquisition and processing platform.

For more information, please contact:TiToData

Massive data collection
Collect 500 million pieces of data for customers every day
Tiktok Kwai: covering the mainstream platform: TikTok, Zynn, YouTube, jitter, fast, 1688, little red book, lots of Taobao, American group, hungry, Taobao, micro-blog

Interface: barrage, attention, gift giving, like, come real-time access

Request API

Http: // host address / Douyin / liveroom / chat? Token = XXX & room_ id=6843198199583378191

Request method



field type explain
token string Interface authorization code
room_id int Live Room ID

Back to example

  "code": 200,
  "data": [
      "type": "WebcastSocialMessage",
      "Nickname": Xue Lian,
      "uid": "111265487875",
      "short_id": "2072651305",
      "msg_id": "6843261579299965709",
      "sec_uid": "\"MS4wLjABAAAAmpM-hJ8AeUM8hSc3w5YlY8Q2ZUaiEu7uvt6cApLkyjg\"",
      "MSG": "following the anchor"
      "type": "WebcastMemberMessage",
      "Nickname": "user 5121651744892,",
      "uid": "3654415794833197",
      "short_id": "2980367364",
      "msg_id": "6843261580051155719",
      "sec_uid": "\"MS4wLjABAAAAYcAoC-U8hSeyUxnGx_i5yoHRPPfwtr2wfplWg9KGsSMXyi7pWlPMV6XwMX7xpDgK\"",
      "MSG": "coming"
      "type": "WebcastMemberMessage",
      "Nickname": auntie,
      "uid": "3091436132641739",
      "short_id": "2372670321",
      "msg_id": "6843261580789320462",
      "sec_uid": "\"MS4wLjABAAAAws0M9rKV7kK1ayWZ31Ebjsd8SwFI0rdf8goPY7HI8tELNK1XkFpX25yvHqe8WY9d\"",
      "MSG": "coming"
      "type": "WebcastMemberMessage",
      "Nickname": I have a good name,
      "uid": "98675983627",
      "short_id": "1144452894",
      "msg_id": "6843261580508433159",
      "sec_uid": "\"MS4wLjABAAAAQhMqocOlzOLFvUE0tJKLQWKx1QuP8YXQmI2A6L3kWLQ\"",
      "MSG": "coming"
      "type": "WebcastMemberMessage",
      "Nickname": Li Xianglin,
      "uid": "2946292105354829",
      "short_id": "3496282621",
      "msg_id": "6843261585180560136",
      "sec_uid": "\"MS4wLjABAAAAcFKemBUvCP-CppApJZsS_4FEuIAWf2_2fpyrcsrs1PZi4U0PyXOK-3qRy4dVnAWW\"",
      "MSG": "coming"
      "type": "WebcastChatMessage",
      "uid": "4006248980690445",
      "tid": "6843260054435826435",
      "Nickname": happiness,
      "Text": "I won't buy it.",
      "sec_uid": "MS4wLjABAAAAZWY-mQkfFitGRzNztj2FwNI6EJL6VJhEwuy3ehDmsVNBst1E2dU4umtJKmX4VW5S",
      "avatar": "https://imgs.developpaper.com/imgs/2dbd70006de205b08161b.jpg?from=4010531038"
      "type": "WebcastMemberMessage",
      "Nickname": "Gemini, half angel, half devil, Chen Xintong",
      "uid": "945180703722141",
      "short_id": "2789104616",
      "msg_id": "6843261584941288205",
      "sec_uid": "\"MS4wLjABAAAAwvMatTP6mPsnysD0IPVmALci4CsfvRgOUi7lJxzq-c8\"",
      "MSG": "coming"
  "msg": 'success'