Jingtan digital collection platform model source code construction DAPP development


In June, 2021, Alipay launched the Dunhuang Feitian payment code digital collection, which became the real starting point of the domestic digital collection industry.

Blockchain technology has a wide range of application values in many fields with its characteristics of decentralization, distrust, tamperability and openness. Major countries and regions around the world are actively deploying their layout, trying to seize the opportunity in the new round of technological revolution, grasp the initiative of blockchain technology development, create new business models, improve efficiency, reduce costs and explore new sources of income.

Features of digital collection app:

1. each digital collection is mapped with a unique serial number on the Kuai chain in a specific area, which cannot be tampered with, separated or replaced with each other, and records the rights on the chain that cannot be tampered with

2. digital collections, so that art collections are no longer limited to physical boundaries but extend to the digital world, so that more people can freely appreciate and own genuine digital works

3. as a digital collector, you can not only watch the collection and enjoy the wonderful experience of collection, but also share your collection opinions and happiness with your friends

Features of digital collection exchange / exchange platform:

1. you can also reduce the size of your digital collection to 1:1 to take photos, and exchange / exchange at will;

2. many digital collections can be freely exchanged and many series of digital collections can be seen;

3. purchase and sale can be purchased / purchased and sold / sold from other collectors in the market

Digital collections may overturn people’s collection patterns for hundreds of thousands of years. In the traditional sense, collections are all in the form of physical objects, such as jewelry, jade, art collections, etc. we can “really” own a collection. The digital collection is a technical change. Through blockchain technology, the only digital voucher generated by a specific art collection is put into our network account