Jingdong Zhilian cloud and CDA work together to create digital talent certification standards in the field of e-commerce


In the new market environment, e-commerce has undoubtedly become an important channel for both traditional enterprises and new Internet enterprises. Today, with the deep integration of video content and e-commerce, users’ acceptance of video content and e-commerce is constantly improving, and e-commerce industry certificate is urgently needed to cultivate and standardize e-commerce talents. Examination and certification will guide practitioners how to engage in e-commerce industry talents, through the real e-commerce case, to obtain practical experience.

CDA (certified Data Analyst) also known as “CDA Data Analyst”It refers to a new type of data analysis talents who are specialized in data collection, cleaning, processing and analysis, and can make business reports and provide decision-making in the Internet, retail, finance, telecommunications, medicine, tourism and other industries. CDA adheres to the mission of summarizing and refining advanced business data analysis practice and clarifying the knowledge system of all kinds of data analysis practitioners. It aims to strengthen the construction of standardized, scientific and professional big data and data analysis talent team around the world and further improve the professional quality and ability level of data analysts, Promote the high-quality, sustained and rapid development of data analysis industry.

Since the first examination, CDA has adhered to the principle of “fairness, impartiality and openness” to create a high gold content talent certification standard. The certification standard of CDA conforms to the development trend of China’s big data industry and meets the new requirements of enterprises for digital talents. Like CPA in the accounting industry and CFA in the financial industry, CDA has also been written into the job description and recommended by many excellent enterprises, The consensus of the market promotes the number of CDA candidates to rise year by year, accumulating more than 10000 candidates.

As a domestic e-commerce giant, Jingdong has accumulated a large number of e-commerce business cases and practical experience over the past few years. Jingdong Zhilian cloud provides a comprehensive technical service support system for the group, among which the key direction is to realize technology empowerment for the e-commerce industry and drive the industry forward with talents.

Jingdong Zhilian cloud and CDA work together to create digital talent certification standards in the field of e-commerce

It’s exciting that JD Zhilian cloud and CDA are combined

Completed the signing of “digital talent certification in the field of e-commerce” a few days ago

Jointly create digital talent certification standards in the field of e-commerce

Hand in hand to deliver more information for e-commerce

Excellent data analysis and data mining talents

Push high quality e-commerce talents

Enhance the competitiveness of Enterprise Talents

Joint advantageCombining the e-commerce field of Jingdong Institute with the data analysis of CDA’s trump business, we will build the industry’s top certification and training system;

Training featuresBreak the teaching restrictions, live online classes, offline teaching free choice, build immersion training camp training mode; Relying on Jingdong’s real project data, actual combat cases and technology experts_Set up e-commerce data analyst project training camp_, The course is based on CDA data analysis, edit digital certification examination model research and development, and has no threshold to train data analysts of e-commerce industry in all fields.

Certification highlightsThere are no restrictions on the conditions of application. Everyone can take the exam and report for it. Online appointment test is efficient and convenient. The test questions will be jointly created by CDA data analysts and JD data scientists. It is necessary to investigate the professional knowledge of e-commerce and data analysis, and pay more attention to the practical operation experience in the field of e-commerce, so as to create the gold content of certification.

Jingdong Zhilian cloud and CDA work together to create digital talent certification standards in the field of e-commerce

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In the fast iterative technology circle, facing the savage growth of new technologies and new applications, keeping pace with the times is the most concerned issue for developers. Continuous charging has become a necessary action for technology developers to realize their self-worth. In addition to the digital talent certification in the e-commerce field, JD Zhilian cloud has also launched professional technology certification for the use of JD Zhilian cloud big data products——Jingdong Zhilian cloud Big Data Engineer certification,It mainly involves the big data computing, storage, development platform and data application products of JD Zhilian cloud. It is a comprehensive test and ability certification for students to master the technical skills of JD Zhilian cloud big data products.  

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Jingdong Zhilian cloud and CDA work together to create digital talent certification standards in the field of e-commerce