JetBrains rubymine 2019 perfect activation tutorial with Chinese tutorial


JetBrains rubymine 2019 latest activation tutorialRuby mine is an IDE for ruby and rails developers recently released by JetBrains. Rubymine is built on the intellj idea platform and provides all necessary ide functions, such as editing, debugging tools, source code control integration, code automatic prompt completion, and other functions.

What I’d like to share with you today isJetBrains rubymine 2019 activation tutorial and Chinese tutorialIt’s completely effective. Just follow the steps.

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JetBrains rubymine 2019 activation patch supports the latest version with activation Chinese tutorial
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2020-02-18Download now
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JetBrains rubymine 2020.1 Chinese activation Special Edition (with Chinese package + activation patch + installation tutorial)
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2020-04-15Download now

Software introduction

Because of the first-class support for ruby and rails, JavaScript and coffeescript, Erb and HAML, CSS, sass and less, high-quality code can be generated more efficiently. Take advantage of language specific syntax and error highlighting, code formatting, code completion, and rapid documentation. With intelligent search, you can jump to any class, file or symbol, or even any ide operation or tool window. You can switch to declarations, supermethods, tests, usage, implementation, etc. with one click. Enjoy super fast navigation in rails projects through MVC based project views and models, classes and gem dependency diagrams. Follow community best practices for code review to verify that there are multiple types of possible errors in the code, and provide immediate improvement with quick fix options. Automated but secure refactoring helps clean up code and make it easier to maintain.

Refactoring to support rails helps you perform project wide changes: for example, renaming the controller also renames helpers, views, and tests. Use powerful debuggers and graphical user interfaces for ruby, JavaScript, and coffeescript. Set breakpoints, run the code step by step, and take advantage of all available information at your fingertips. Create and run rspec, cucumber, shoulda, minitest & test:: unit test, and provide coding help and GUI based test runner.

In rubymine, you can quickly feel at home with customizable color schemes, keyboard schemes, and all the appearance settings required for productive development. Use a unified UI to save time to use git, SVN, mercurial, and other version control systems.

Enjoy seamless integration with rake task runner, rails generators, bundler, RVM / rbenv, Zeus and other tools. The terminal can also be used as an IDE tool window when needed. Easily configure automatic deployment via FTP or SFTP, and manage your infrastructure with vagrant, Capistrano, chef, or puppet.

Installation activation tutorial

1. After the developeppaer is downloaded and decompressed, you will get the activation patch and Chinese patch files, as shown in the figure below

2. Before installing the activation patch, please install the software first. The specific installation is as follows:;

Enter the installation wizard and click next, as shown in the figure below

3. Select the installation path. The default path is: C: program files / JetBrains / rubymine, March 3, 2019, as shown in the figure below

4. Check 64 bit launcher and click next, as shown in the figure

5. Go to next and continue the installation, as shown in the figure

6. Wait for the installation to complete, as shown in the figure

7. After installation, do not run the software and wait for the activation patch to be installed, as shown in the figure below

8. Before installing the activation patch, first open the installation directory of the software. If you forget the installation directory of the software, please return to the desktop, find the shortcut icon of the software desktop, and right-click the icon. After the pop-up window appears, select “open file location” to obtain the file installation directory. As shown in the figure

9. The patch “JetBrains” will be activated- agent.jar ”Copy to the bin folder of the software installation directory, as shown in the figure

10. Run the software and select do not import settings, as shown in the figure below

11. Select the interface theme and click the next button in the lower right corner, as shown in the figure below

12. Select the required plug-in and click next in the lower right corner, as shown in the figure below

13. Select the plug-in and click next, as shown in the figure

14. Check “evaluate for free”, select 30 days free trial, and click evaluate, as shown in the figure

15. Get 30 days free trial, click continue, as shown in the figure

16. Click Configure — edit custom VM options, as shown in the figure below

17. Copy your own software installation directory. After copying, insert the-javaagent:Software installation directory\jetbrains-agent.jarIn the middle ofFor example: the software compiled by developpaer is installed in C: program files / JetBrains / rubymine 2019.3.3 / bin, so it should be input in this way-javaagent:C:\Program Files\JetBrains\WebStorm 2019.3.3\bin\jetbrains-agent.jar;

Will- javaagent:C :\Program Files\JetBrains\WebStorm 2019.3.3\bin\jetbrains- agent.jar Copy to the bottom line, as shown

18. After input, click Save to save, as shown in the figure below

19. After saving, restart the software;

Activation completed, as shown in the figure

20. Activation is completed and all permissions are obtained, as shown in the figure

Rubymine software function

1、 Direct development with ruby

JetBrains rubymine ide provides a comprehensive Ruby coding editor, which can recognize dynamic language features, provide convenient coding assistance, intelligent code refactoring, and code analysis functions. In the development environment, it provides all the functions that all Ruby developers need: simple project configuration, automatic Ruby gems management, Support rake (a collection of tools Ruby developers need in the development environment)

2、 Ruby on rails

Rubymine has special ror project architecture view, fast model view controller navigation options, rails specific code completion, perception action and refactoring. All these, together with the best combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript editing support, and advanced web development tools, constitute the best tool for developing advanced web applications

3、 Efficient and reliable

Rubymine is fully qualified to manage your daily development work. Intelligent, input aware code completion, reliable and powerful code refactoring, Intelligent code detection and other functions work together to help you code faster. Users can clearly realize the improvement of work efficiency by using the keyboard shortcut keys, templates and action perception. It can even carry out self-learning to further improve the work efficiency

4、 Help with testing

The value of testing can never be underestimated. After writing the code, the process of unit testing with the software is machine reliable, because rubymine’s rspec, cucumber, shoulda and test:: unit are very flexible and thorough. In addition, its UI for editing, running and navigating tests is very intelligent

5、 Ruby debugger

The ruby debugger inherits all its advantages from the IntelliJ idea Java / JSP debugger. It takes full account of the actual needs of ruby and rails developers and allows them to interrupt in ruby and even rhtml code. It also provides a highly beneficial console, variable, framework and window view

6、 Integrated version control

Rubymine understands all modern VCs and SCM (GIT, subversion, mercurial, perforce and CVS), It also provides a unified UI. Users can see their code changes in sequence. It is very easy to cut in and out of files and projects. It integrates cutting and merging tools for all version control systems. The change list can be managed in IDE and can remember to check in frequently.

Methods of Sinicization

By Chinese author / / original Sinicization of square x

Resources_ cn.jar , put it in the Lib directory under the software installation path, and restart the software

Note that lib is not bin

No need to rename, no need to decompress, no need to delete any jar package, no jar package will be covered

There should be a file in this directory: resources_ en.jar If not, the correct path is not found

Mac users, please find the software in finder > application, right click > display package content

The file is still in English after replacement, please set as follows:

Open software > File > Default Settings > editor > file encoding > Global encoding > UTF-8 save. Just restart the software.

Notes on Sinicization

When general software small version is updated, the Sinicized package is universal and can be retained for further use.

In addition to Android studio, the Chinese package will be retained when the software is updated, and the new Chinese package can also be downloaded after the update.

When Android studio is updated, the localization package will be deleted automatically. Please back up the localization package or update it before downloading again.

Sinicization does not take effect

1. Did not put the Sinicized package into the Lib directory (such as misplaced in Bin)

Please check if there are resources in the drop directory_ en.jar

2. The localization package is not downloaded normally (the download size from GitHub may be incorrect)

Please check whether the size of the downloaded Chinese package is normal and whether it can be decompressed as a compressed package

3. The current language environment is not Chinese_ CN)

Please open the software and select help → edit custom VM options

Add two lines



Then restart the software

Chinese character disorder / Chinese display as frame

The current font does not support Chinese display, please go to file → settings → appearance & behavior → appearance →

Check override default fonts by (not recommended): select Microsoft YaHei or other Chinese fonts displayed as boxes.

Incomplete Sinicization

When you use it, you will find that some of the contents are still not sinicized, because some of them may:

Not loaded from file in resource (code write dead)

Plugins loaded from plug-in resources

The resources of the main program are resources_ en.jar Most of the contents have been completely sinicized. Even if the parts without sinicization are sinicized, it will not significantly increase the proportion of program sinicization, so there is no Sinicization.

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