Jelly technology weekly Vol . twenty-three : Is vue3 one piece on the great route?



Dandelion · jelly technical weekly Vol.23

You should all be released by Vue these two days . With a lot of people’s expectations, Vue finally pushed the new version of the ship to the stage and accepted the public’s inspection. Will vue3, code named one piece, go through many projects and finally become the wealth that everyone on the front-end route dreams of

ascend a height to enjoy a distant view

The sky is high and the earth is wide, and the universe is infinite

Front end frame

【Vue3】 Live Free Online Announcement

On September 18, 2020, Vue 3.0 one piece was finally released after two years. That night, you Yuxi also told the whole process of Vue 3.0 in the live broadcast with the theme of “live free online announcement”, and introduced various new features of Vue 3.0, as well as some unfinished schedules. In the live broadcast, you also answered many questions of special concern in the community, as well as the doubts of many developers. So Vue 3, will it be one piece in your heart?

[vue3] Vue Teleport

Teleport is a new feature of vue3, which is similar to react portal. It allows us to render the specified template node to a specific container, which is very helpful to implement “global” modules such as modals and notifications. This paper introduces the background of introducing teleport and its basic usage. It works better with vue3 teleport documents.

Implementation of Vue composition API with 70 lines of code

This paper introduces a verification library which is published by vue3 author Youda on GitHub and can be rendered into web component by using Vue’s writing method. Vue lit combines Vue with web component with the help of @ Vue / reactivity and lit HTML. This idea is very interesting. As we all know, web component is the native component ability of browser. If we can use the API of modern front-end framework to develop native component, without introducing front-end framework and packaging compilation, wouldn’t it be very nice. Vue lit itself is very short and pithy. It is suggested that you can understand the essence by reading the source code.

Graphic programming

Twitter like animation collection

Some time ago, as long as the tweet of “appleevents” was attached to twitter, there were many like animations belonging to apple. In fact, there were many different like animations on twitter long before. Here are a collection of these good designs ~

Using webgl experimental image triangle to achieve transition effect

With the strong love of triangle geometry, the author designs a triangle transition effect for images. Based on this idea, the author provides five kinds of transition effects, including region cutting, figure flipping and so on.

Tool promotion

Modern web programming in simple language

One stop learning react, Redux, Node.js , mongodb, graphql and typescript! This course will introduce you to the modern web programming technology based on JavaScript (the quality of translation and design is very good).

What’s left of the sea

It’s a long way to go

Vue 1.x vs Vue 2.x

Although Vue has released the official version 3.0, it does not mean that 1. X and 2. X have lost their value. On the contrary, it is the best time to review the development of Vue, to better understand the design ideas of the new version of vue3 by clarifying the differences of each generation of Vue, and to understand the practical problems and intentions of designers in planning the features of each version.

A new program for developing taro x vue3

As an open cross end framework solution, taro 3 released its official version not long ago. Maybe you have experienced Vue and even jQuery to develop small programs. As early as RC version, taro team has completed the support for vue3. Now vue3 is released at the right time. It’s not fast to use vue3 to experience small program development.

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