Jeecg boot version 2.2.1 is released, which is a low code platform based on springboot


Project introduction

Jeecgboot is a low code development platform based on code generator, which surpasses the traditional commercial enterprise development platform! Using the front and back end separation architecture: springboot 2. X, Ant Design & Vue, mybatis plus, Shiro, JWT. Powerful code generator can generate front-end and back-end code without writing any code! Lead the new low code development mode (onlinecoding mode, code generator mode, manual merge intelligent development), help Java projects solve 70% of the repetitive work, and make development pay more attention to business logic. It can not only improve the development efficiency quickly, but also help the company to save costs without losing its vitality. Jeecgboot also created an original online development mode (low code): online forms, online reports, online charts, online workflow, plug-in capabilities, and so on..

current version:v_2.2.1 | 2020-07-13

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Technical documentation

  • Online demo:
  • Video tutorial: getting started video
  • Technical documents:
  • common problem:
  • QQ group: ② 769925425, ① 284271917 (full)

Upgrade log

This version is a stable version. It mainly fixes the discovered bugs and optimization functions of version 2.2, and submits the multi tenant support code.

Function optimization
  • New function: multi tenant code submission. The platform supports multi tenant by default
  • New function: submit routing gateway configuration page corresponding to jeecgcloud microservice version
  • New function: add sample code of image cutting
  • Docker deployment transformation, change to docker compose mode
  • Upgrade the bottom layer to the latest mybatis plus, fastjson, autopoi, hutool all
  • Code generator, list support details page (form split module, form convenient docking process)
  • Code generator, perfect components, form support multi column generation (generated according to online configuration)
  • Code generator, pop-up module width according to the number of online columns
  • Code generator, drawer form style optimization
  • Code generator, generated list and operation column are not fixed by default
  • Optimize timing task function
  • In the upper right corner of the system, a cache cleaning function is added
  • Import and export of classification dictionary
  • Performance optimization of line editing jeditabletable
  • Optimize the front-end packaging JS file too large problem (reduce the online dependency size, temporarily cancel the online rich text and markdown support)
Incompatible version upgrade
  • Antdv 1.6.2 full screen writing is not compatible (not submitted for upgrade, compatible in advance)
  • Popup migration code location, need to consider compatible writing
Issues repair
  • Online report export function, only the first 10 records can be exported
  • The front-end package JS file is too large (7m), resulting in slow first access speed (more than 60 seconds) #
  • Online form – when the attached table uses an ID other than the main table as a foreign key, the theme of the embedded sub table cannot be displayed normally, and other themes are normal # i1gn28
  • Online development, using the drop-down search box, generate code, query criteria for the general input box # i1c4a9
  • In online development, there are several bugs after tables generate views
  • Online report, export incomplete information
  • Unable to generate issues / i1k5my for query criteria of online form setting tree structure table
  • After the single table tree generates code, edit the dictionary field of the node. After clicking OK, the list will not refresh the field issues / i1lrsd
  • If there is a dictionary in the single table tree, the dictionary issues / i1lrsc cannot be translated
  • Online form development, check “sort or not”, the page has no sorting function issues / i1n6z1
  • For the page generated by online report configuration, click the Export button, and the export result is the current page data (default is 10)
  • Online form time selection component cannot be selected, browser error ᦇ 1307
  • ERP subject editing schedule data disappear
  • Online foundation – SQL enhances the availability of some variables
  • When “ERP theme (one to many)” is selected for online form theme, the time field cannot pop up for selection
  • Upgrade mybatis plus to 3.3.2
  • Restore markdown editor
  • When the jpopup pop-up window in the jeditabletable backfills the drop-down dictionary value, the drop-down dictionary fails to assign value # 1141
  • Jpopup in the jieditabletable component empties the current value, and fails to empty other values that carry back backfill at the same time
  • JEditableTable.vue Buildprops ා 1177
  • Jsearchselecttag cannot be selected when slot mode is used in jedittable. #1095
  • JS naming error
  • After the code is generated by pop, multiple choices are invalid
  • After modifying the theme color of the home page, the font of the left navigation home page is still the default blue font ᦇ 1057
  • Adding the @ change event to the role selector will cause the event to be triggered twice
  • There is an alarm on the front page: warning: [antdv: localeprovider]
  • When the password is retrieved, the SMS verification code is stored in redis, and the expiration time is not set, resulting in that the verification code cannot be sent later
  • The calendar control cannot be used
  • Cacheable(value = CacheConstant.SYS_ DICT_ TABLE_ Cache) is not working
  • Failure of data backfill interval of selected components in provinces and cities of jarealink
  • Department select component custom return value, data cannot be backfilled
  • Jcategoryselect, a front-end custom component, can’t open the multi selection function. After it is opened, the multi selection function is invalid
  • Form style problem
  • Third party login failed
  • How to remove the “home page” in the left navigation bar? I1j75v
  • Problem with the latest version of select dict component
  • The login code verifies whether the user logs off with a bug, and the if condition is always false # 1240
  • System notification selection bug
  • About rich text menu bar button text not found
  • TinyMCE rich text bug
  • There is a rich text component j-editor in a-tab-pane under a-tabs. After switching tab, the content of j-editor will disappear
  • front end HeaderNotice.vue , websocketclose method does not exist
  • System settings – theme color bug # 1281
  • Log out button on the top right of the front page
  • J-dict-select-tag does not display the text “i1ij1t” of the placeholder
  • Markdown editor display format problem online development
  • Upload the attachment name with #, which is parsed by the URL and cannot be downloaded. Can the Department selector add the parent-child Association prop #
  • The temporary upload location is not valid
  • User table ORG_ Some of the code fields are a05a04a03, while others are “finance department”, which leads to the failure of Data permission filtering
  • The color of the label underline does not change with the theme. This problem is the same as that of # 1057, but in the color.less Code added in or not
  • When querying users, the Department name is displayed with orgcode, which causes the department code # i1iwoh to be covered with the name when saving
  • Looking forward to the open source of jpopup component
  • When jcodeeditor component is used in model, the cursor selection content is not displayed correctly
  • Case error in passing miniarea component attribute
  • In common cases, when the one to many example adds a sub table, the existing bug is deleted
  • Timing task UI suggests adding a function to run a timing task immediately to facilitate development and debugging
  • Excel exports bugs by template
  • Import dead loop bug
  • Upload a picture. When you close the page and enter the upload page again, the + icon in the picture disappears
  • Read blank excel dead cycle, the production environment directly CPU100%? 15
  • Bug Found: org.jeecgframework.poi.util.PoiElUtil.isTrue: #11
  • One to many form verification bug
  • During War deployment, websocketconfig failed to inject bean, and started normally after injecting code under websocketconfig class
  • War package deployment failed
  • A user has multiple departments, but only one department role can be assigned. If a new role comes in, the old role will be deleted
  • Upload component j-upload setting single file upload
  • The attached table data disappears after modification # i1hfr8
  • Third party login bug # i1g4x9
  • After upgrading to this version, the verification code of login page cannot be loaded normally
  • Tags component, card style failure
  • Jupload filelist [a]. Response does not exist
  • Autopoi 1.1.2 ternary expression, number comparison bug
  • Autopoi1.1.2 will crash when there is only one row of data

Why jeecgboot?

Open source industry “small Pu Yuan” beyond the traditional business enterprise development platform. Leading a new development mode (online coding > code generator > manual merge intelligent development) can help solve 70% of the repetitive work of Java projects and make development pay more attention to business logic. It can not only improve the development efficiency quickly, but also help the company to save manpower cost without losing its vitality.

  • Using the latest mainstream front and back separation framework (springboot + mybatis Plus + ant design + Vue), it is easy to get started; the code generator has low dependence, flexible expansion ability, and can flexibly realize secondary development;
  • The development efficiency is very high, using code generator, single table data model and one to many (parent-child table), tree list and other data models, adding, deleting, modifying and querying functions are automatically generated, and menu configuration is directly used (front-end code and back-end code are generated by one key);
  • Code generator provides powerful template mechanism and supports custom template style. At present, four sets of style templates are provided (two sets for single table and two sets for one to many table)
  • The basic functions of user, role, menu, organization, data dictionary and online timing task are well packaged. Powerful authority mechanism, support access authority, button authority, data authority, form authority, etc
  • Zero code online development ability, online configuration form, online configuration report, online configuration chart, online design form
  • Commonly used common encapsulation, various tools (timing task, SMS interface, email sending, excel import and export, etc.), basically meet 80% of the project requirements
  • Simple excel import and export, support single table export and one to many table mode export, generated code with import and export function
  • Integrated simple report tool, image report and data export is very convenient, can be extremely convenient to generate graphical reports, PDF, Excel, word and other reports;
  • Using front and back separation technology, the page UI is exquisite, and the common components are encapsulated: time, row table control, interception display control, report component, editor and so on
  • Query filter: automatic generation of query function, dynamic spelling of SQL in the background, additional query conditions; support multiple matching methods (full matching / fuzzy query / include query / unmatched query);
  • Data permission (refine Data permission control, control to row level, list level, form field level, realize different people to see different data, different people to operate different fields on the same page
  • Online configuration report (without coding, realize curve chart, histogram, data and other reports through online configuration)
  • Automatic generation of page verification (required input, digital verification, amount verification, time and space, etc.);
  • Provide single sign on CAS integration solution, and perfect docking code has been provided in the project
  • Form designer supports user-defined form layout, single table, one to many forms, select, radio, checkbox, textarea, date, pop, list, macro and other controls
  • Professional interface docking mechanism, unified use of restful interface, integration of swagger UI online interface documents, JWT token security verification, convenient client docking
  • Interface security mechanism, can refine the control of interface authorization, very simple to achieve different clients only look at their own data and other control
  • Advanced combination query function, online configuration, support primary sub table Association query, can save query history
  • Provide various system monitoring, real-time tracking of system operation (monitoring redis, Tomcat, JVM, server information, request tracking, SQL monitoring)
  • Message center (support SMS, email, wechat push, etc.)
  • Integrated websocket message notification mechanism
  • Provide app release scheme:
  • Support multi language and provide international solutions;
  • The data change log can record the content of each data change, and view the historical changes through the version comparison function
  • The platform has powerful UI and realizes mobile self adaptation
  • Platform home page style, provide a variety of combination mode, support custom style
  • Provide easy to use print plug-in, support Google, IE browser and other browsers
  • The sample code is rich and provides many learning cases for reference
  • Maven module development mode is adopted
  • Support menu dynamic routing
  • RBAC (role-based access control) is used for access control

System module

System management
User management
Role management
Menu management
│├ - permission setting (support button permission and Data permission)
│├ - form permission (control fields are disabled and hidden)
Department management
└ - dictionary management
Tree classification dictionary
└ - system announcement
My organization (department role, Department authority)
Job management
Address book
Information Center
Message management
Template management
Intelligent function
Code generator function (one click to generate front-end and back-end code, which can be used directly without modification after generation, is absolutely the gospel of back-end development)
Code generator template (4 sets of templates are provided, supporting single table and one to many models respectively, with different styles)
Code generator template (generate code, import and export with Excel)
│├ - query filter (query logic does not need to be coded, which is automatically generated by the system according to the page configuration)
│├ - advanced query machine (pop-up window automatically combines query conditions)
Integration of Excel import and export tools (support single table, one to many import and export)
Adaptive support for platform mobility
System monitoring
Performance scan monitoring
To monitor redis
│  │  ├─Tomcat
│  │  ├─jvm
The server information
Request tracking
Disk monitoring
Time task
│├ - system log
│  Information Center(支持短信、邮件、微信推送等等)
Data log (record data snapshot, compare snapshot, view data change)
│├ - system notification
│├ - SQL monitoring
│├ - swagger UI (online interface document)
Report example
A curve chart
A pie chart
A bar chart
A line chart
Area map
A radar chart
└ - instrument diagram
Process bar
Ranking list
And so on
Large screen template
Large screen of battle command center
Large screen of Logistics Service Center
Common examples
User defined components
│├ - object storage (docking with alicloud)
Example of single table model
Example of one to many model
Print example
Example of one to many tab
An example of embedded table
└ - common selection components
└ - asynchronous tree table
Interface simulation test
Example of table total
Example of asynchronous tree list
One to many jeditable
Example of jeditable component
└ - image drag sort
Picture flipping
Image preview
└ - PDF Preview
└ - split screen function
The package of common components    
│├ - row editing table jeditabletable
To omit the display component
└ - time control
└ - advanced query
User selection component
Report component encapsulation
└ - dictionary component
└ - drop down multiple selection components
Human selection component
└ - select Department component
└ - select people by department component
└ - package the components of curve, histogram, pie chart, line chart and other reports (packaged, easy to use)
On line code editor
The upload file component
└ - captcha component
└ - tree list component
Form disable component
And so on
More page templates
A variety of advanced forms
A variety of list effects
The results page
│ └ - exception page
Personal page
Advanced features
Rule of system coding
Single sign on CAS integration solution
Provide app release plan
Integrated websocket message notification mechanism
Online development (not open source yet)
The function of online form is open
The function of online code generator is open
The function of online report is open
Rule of system coding生成
Rule of system coding校验
Multi data source management
Online chart
│├ - Online chart template
Form designer
└ - other modules
   └ - more functions under development..

System screenshot

Large screen data template

Jeecg boot version 2.2.1 is released, which is a low code platform based on springboot

Jeecg boot version 2.2.1 is released, which is a low code platform based on springboot

PC terminal

Jeecg boot version 2.2.1 is released, which is a low code platform based on springboot
Jeecg boot version 2.2.1 is released, which is a low code platform based on springboot
Jeecg boot version 2.2.1 is released, which is a low code platform based on springboot
Jeecg boot version 2.2.1 is released, which is a low code platform based on springboot
Jeecg boot version 2.2.1 is released, which is a low code platform based on springboot
Jeecg boot version 2.2.1 is released, which is a low code platform based on springboot

Mobile terminal

Jeecg boot version 2.2.1 is released, which is a low code platform based on springboot
Jeecg boot version 2.2.1 is released, which is a low code platform based on springboot

Pad terminal

Jeecg boot version 2.2.1 is released, which is a low code platform based on springboot
Jeecg boot version 2.2.1 is released, which is a low code platform based on springboot
Jeecg boot version 2.2.1 is released, which is a low code platform based on springboot
Jeecg boot version 2.2.1 is released, which is a low code platform based on springboot

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