JD chain led the domestic self-developed blockchain technology in the second anniversary of JD cloud Zhizhen chain’s open source


JD chain led the domestic self-developed blockchain technology in the second anniversary of JD cloud Zhizhen chain's open source

In recent years, the development of blockchain technology has become the focus of global attention. China has given a high degree of policy support from the central government to the local government, and the domestic leading enterprises have arranged one after another. JD cloud Zhizhen chain independently developed the underlying architecture of JD chain blockchain, took the lead in opening up in March 2019, and became the technology leader in the domestic blockchain field. At present, JD cloud Zhizhen chain JD chain engineIt can process up to 20000 transactions per second, with an order of magnitude of 1 billion account storage and 100 billion transaction storage, and Multi Chain Collaborative TPS can reach a million,Fully reduce the industry threshold for enterprises to apply blockchain technology and help the vigorous development of domestic blockchain self-developed technology.

JD chain led the domestic self-developed blockchain technology in the second anniversary of JD cloud Zhizhen chain's open source

According to the recently released 14th five year plan, blockchain has risen to the height of national strategy. In terms of the specific content of the blockchain industry, the 14th five year plan clearly proposes to promote blockchain technology innovation such as smart contracts, consensus algorithms, encryption algorithms and distributed systems, focus on the alliance chain, develop blockchain service platforms and application schemes in the fields of financial technology, supply chain management and government services, and improve the supervision mechanism.

JD cloud Zhizhen chain JD chain underlying architecture aims to build a general blockchain framework system for enterprise application scenarios, and solve the problems encountered by enterprises in blockchain technology applications, such as high access threshold, poor business applicability, insufficient performance, complex operation and so on. At present, JD chain has not only made breakthroughs in the fields of smart contract and encryption algorithm technology, but also built an alliance chain based on JD’s own advantage scenarios to promote the practice of financial technology, supply chain management and government services.

Technological innovation, system self research

JD cloud Zhizhen chain JD chain, as the bottom layer of JD’s self-developed blockchain technology, has undergone dozens of rounds of version iterative upgrades since it was opened to the public, and has greatly improved its versatility, function completeness, security, stability and throughput indicators. Recently, JD chain made a major breakthrough in the research on the consensus of Byzantine fault tolerance (BFT), the core technology of integrated blockchain, launched the “Dumbo BFT algorithm” and actively integrated it, striving to accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological forces into industrial kinetic energy and apply it to all aspects of various industrial fields through technology source opening and product empowerment.

“Dumbo Byzantine fault tolerance (BFT) algorithm” is a major breakthrough made by JD Jacobi blockchain innovation laboratory in the research on Byzantine fault tolerance (BFT) consensus, the core technology of blockchain. It is also the first fully practical asynchronous consensus algorithm. Dumbo: fast asynchronous BFT protocols was published at ACM CCS (27th International Conference on computer and communication security).

At present, JD chain engineIt can process more than 20000 transactions per second, with an order of magnitude of 1 billion account storage and 100 billion transaction storage,It supports the verification execution of cross chain contracts,Multi Chain Collaborative TPS can reach millions,It has strong security and privacy characteristics, and supports national secret and international cryptosystem standards. It will also optimize the storage, consensus, contract execution and other modules, and design the parallel processing of transaction and signature verification to achieve higher performance. JD chain has passed the performance and efficiency test of software products conducted by the evaluation and appraisal of the national industrial information security development research center and the functional compliance test conducted by China Institute of electronic technology standardization.

Scene application, multi-point landing

Taking JD chain, an independent and open-source underlying engine, as the core, JD cloud Zhizhen chain has also developed JD baas platform that can provide comprehensive blockchain as a service for enterprises, which can be deployed flexibly, safe and easy to use. At present, JD baas platform has been perfectly integrated with JD chain underlying engine. Relying on the technical support of JD cloud, it can be open and compatible with public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud and other environmental resources, so as to help users quickly enable blockchain technology to many aspects of real economy development. At present, it has been inDigital finance, supply chain traceability, intelligent government affairs, digital deposit and certificate, credit network, insurance technology and other six fields have been implemented in more than 30 scenarios.

In the E-contract scenario, relying on the stable performance of JD chain in the high-throughput scenario, JD cloud blockchain E-contract platform can ensure that each contract can be quickly linked and read, which has a significant cost reduction and efficiency increase effect on the contract signing business process,Save about 80% of the time and cost, and reduce about 60% of the signing cost;In the field of supply chain traceability, JD cloud Zhizhen chain anti-counterfeiting traceability platform is the world’s leading application of supply chain traceability,It has cooperated with more than 1000 brands, with more than 1 billion drop chain data, and more than 9.5 million consumer “quality traceability” queries,It covers dozens of scenes, such as fresh food, mother and baby, wine, jewelry, beauty makeup, second-hand goods, luxury goods, cross-border goods, medicine, supermarkets and convenience stores. In the digital warehouse receipt scenario in the field of digital finance, JD chain is used to build a blockchain Alliance for commodity trading participants, realize the whole process traceability of electronic inventory warehouse receipts, and create a pledge financing service based on secure and trusted blockchain electronic inventory warehouse receipts. In the scenario of fulfilling the smart government and enterprise benefit policy, the business process can be traced and the publicity results can not be tampered with through JD chain technology, and a perfect anti-corruption risk prevention and control mechanism is constructed to effectively avoid interest rent-seeking, repeated declaration, malicious declaration and other behaviors. At the same time, it uses its standardized ledger data function to manage the data of each department separately to ensure the privacy and security of the data.

Lead the industry, open source and open

Since JD chain officially opened the source code on GitHub in March 2019, JD chain project has maintained high activity for more than two years. From the individual projects in the early stage of open source to the open source project ecology around the core main project JD chain, including jdchain framework, blockchain browser, jdchain indexer, integrated test case library, etc. at present, 14 related open source projects are maintained. Recently, JD chain also settled in gitee, a domestic code hosting and R & D cooperation platform (project open source address:https://gitee.com/jdchain ), Provide high-quality domestic open-source blockchain code to more than 6 million developers and 180000 enterprise customers of the platform in a more direct way.

JD chain open source community launched simultaneously with open source (community address:ledger.jd.com), which has been in operation for more than 2 years, has also joined the domestic independent blockchain open source community “dappledger”. Up to now, JD chainThe total number of views of the open source community has exceeded 120000, the total number of independent visitors has been nearly 50000, and the program has been downloaded more than 6000 times.At the same time, JD chain community is actively recruiting co creation partners from global enterprises and technology developers, calling on more technology lovers and application enterprises to obtain the latest version of open source technology code and design documents in the community, promote business development and application in various fields, create and build together, and jointly promote the development of domestic self-developed blockchain technology.

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JD chain led the domestic self-developed blockchain technology in the second anniversary of JD cloud Zhizhen chain's open source