JavaScript system time setting operation example


This paper illustrates the operation of time setting in JavaScript system. Share for your reference, as follows:

  //myTime typeof //object
  window.onload = function() {
    var obody = document.body;
    // Set up a timer, every second, automatically add a second
    setInterval(fnTime, 1000)
    // If this function is not executed, the first time it is opened, it will take a second to come out.
    function fnTime() {
      var myTime = new Date();
      var iYear = myTime.getFullYear();
      var iMonth = myTime.getMonth() + 1;
      var iDate = myTime.getDate();
      var iWeek = myTime.getDay();
      var iHours = myTime.getHours();
      var iMinutes = myTime.getMinutes();
      var iSeconds = myTime.getSeconds();
      var str = "";
      If (iWeek = 0) iWeek = Sunday
      If (iWeek = 1) iWeek = Monday
      If (iWeek = 2) iWeek = Tuesday
      If (iWeek = 3) iWeek = Wednesday
      If (iWeek = 4) iWeek = Thursday
      If (iWeek = 5) iWeek = Friday
      If (iWeek = 6) iWeek = Saturday
      STR = iYear + year + iMonth + month + iDate + day + iWeek + time + toTwo (iHours) + "time" + toTwo (iMinutes) + "minutes" + toTwo (iSeconds) + "seconds"
      obody.innerHTML = str;
    // The main function of this function is to make: from time to 59 seconds, another second of walking becomes 0, not 00, so we need to change it.
    function toTwo(n) {
       if(n < 10) {
       return "0" + n;
       } else {
       return "" + n;
      // We can use three eyes.
      return n < 10 ? "0" + n : "" + n

Operation results:

Interested friends can use itOnline HTML/CSS/JavaScript Code Running ToolHttp:// tests the performance of the above code.

PS: Here are some time and date related tools for your reference.

Online Date/Date Calculator:

Online Date Calculator/Difference Date Calculator:

Online Date-Date Difference Calculator:

Unix timestamp conversion tool:

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I hope this article will be helpful to the design of JavaScript programs.

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