Java merge list method code example


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List includes the list interface and all implementation classes of the list interface. Because the list interface implements the collection interface, the list interface has all the common methods provided by the collection interface. Because list is a list type, the list interface also provides some common methods suitable for itself

Method 1

  List<Children> reduce =
      .map(x -> x.getChildren())
      .reduce(new ArrayList<>(), (all, item) -> {
        return all;

Method 2

List<Children> collect =
List<Children> childrens1 = new ArrayList<>();
for (long i =0;i<10;i++){
  childrens1.add(new Children(i,"x".concat(i+"")));
List<Children> childrens2 = new ArrayList<>();
for (long i =100;i<110;i++){
  childrens2.add(new Children(i,"x".concat(i+"")));
Employee Mazi = new employee ("pockmarks", 90, 989.2);
Employee Lisi = new employee ("Li Si", 10, 1000.1);
List<Employee> list = Arrays.asList(mazi,lisi);

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